How to Protect Leather Furniture From Pets

Household pets are fantastic and in many homes and can move freely around every part of the house. Some pets are even allowed to stay on the couch. However, their claws and paws would automatically mean that your leather furniture would face significant issues. You wouldn’t want damaged leather furniture; thus, you must get some fantastic strategies on how to protect leather furniture from pets.

Leather furniture provides excellent aesthetics, and it is a cozy spot to relax and reflect on your day’s activities. It is like household pets to grab stuff as they run about the home in excitement. Sinking their claws and paws into the leather furniture and having some great chew can ruin it.

This wear and tear caused by pets can happen on varying types of leather, even though some are more durable than others. The furs and urine from our hairy friends are not left out and can easily make the leather piece unsightly. Hence, it would help if you figured how to protect the leather couch from scratches and other “pet accidents” that may damage the leather.

How to protect leather furniture from pets

A small scratch on the leather might make the couch or sofa very unattractive, and it can be quite painstaking to replace such a piece. Thus, many leather furniture owners are searching for what to put on the leather couch to stop cat scratching and dog-proof furniture sets. However, here are some practical steps to help keep your leather furniture protected from pets.

how to stop my cat from scratching my leather couch

Proofing the Furniture Sets with Slipcovers

A suitable leather slipcover would help protect your leather seats from the damaging effects of your dogs or cats. These covers can hold the furs of your pets and save the leather from such an unsightly appearance.

They can conceal any pet stains and keep them away from the leather. Since you can find many leather slipcovers relatively easy to wash, they can come awesomely designed for the leather piece. Again, most of these slipcovers are very durable, and they can effectively shield the leather couch from pet scratches.

Providing your Pets with some Distractions

Whether it is a Pu Leather or a top-grain leather couch, you can find your felines scratching and your canines having a great chew. Thus, an alternative scratching point for the cats or a suitable chewing toy for the dog would help. It would be quite helpful to place them near the leather furniture if you notice that these pets seem attracted to it.

Thus, you can get your dogs some new toys that they can work with to keep their paws and teeth or your furniture sets. Similarly, a luxurious scratching post for your cats would work the magic, giving them a place to scratch instead of doing so on the leather seats.

Train and Groom Your Pets

Sending off a strong message to the pets that the couch is off-limits is one effective way of keeping your leather in one piece. It would help if you laid some set rules and train them to follow them with the pets around. You can provide these little friends with treats for sticking to the rules of staying on the floor instead of the leather furniture.

A proper pet grooming would also help; try trimming and filing your pet’s claws. This action alone would help reduce the chances of your little friends scratching your leather sofa. Regularly brushing the pets can also reduce the furs they are likely to deposit on the leather furniture.

Keeping your pets clean at all times can also keep the couch safe from pet stains. It makes your leather sofa dog friendly. Please, note that it is inadvisable to declaw pets, as such an experience can be quite excruciating.

Getting your Pet a Leather Bedding

If you’ve noticed, household pets often love the luxurious experience and comfort they get from leather furniture sets. Thus, if you plan to keep these pets off the leather couch to keep it protected, you should try to provide them a comfortable leather bed. This bedding would serve as a replacement for the sofa.

Keeping this new bed close to your couch can also help you enjoy some beautiful moments with your pets without them reaching for the leather seat. For a stylish look, this pet bed can be the same color as your leather furniture.

Placing Furniture Protectors

A suitable pet protector for the leather couch would be of great help, as it reduces the chances of pets causing damages. It creates excellent protection, and you can find many of such solutions. You can get some bitter non-toxic spray that would deter dogs from chewing your leather seats, and also invest in sprays with smells that deter cats.

You can also get a suitable cat scratch guard for a leather couch. There are excellent adhesive sheets that would help protect your leather from scratches, and these pads stick easily on the leather piece. One recommended product is the CAILENI furniture protector, which effectively works for safeguarding leather. It keeps leather couches protected from damages as a result of pet claws.

Conducting Thorough Cleaning

This option is effective and more suitable for households that still want their pets on their leather couch. It is a known fact that leather items require great care, and if you want to protect the leather furniture from damages, you should get ready for regular cleaning.

You can create a weekly cleaning schedule to get off your pets’ furs from the leather furniture sets. Get a charme leather cleaner or any suitable leather furniture cleaner and conditioner and wipe off dirt, dust, furs, and pet urine off the leather.

Tips for Repairing Pet-Damaged Leather Furniture

Is your leather furniture damaged from the activities of your leather pets? Grab your leather repair kits and follow the fixing process below.

  • Clean the damaged leather, wiping off dirt and dust from the surface
  • Prepare the scratched leather with a conditioner and soften the leather. This action would ensure the leather piece takes in any other solution.
  • Please use leather glue for tears to bind the leather piece together; apply it thoroughly to keep the leather fibers in place.
  • To maintain the color of the leather couch after fixing it, use suitable leather paint. You can study and learn how to dye leather.

how to stop my cat from scratching my leather couch


How can I protect my leather couch from dog’s nails?

Protecting your leather couch from your dog nails can help retain the attractive look of the leather piece. You can get a suitably padded leather slipcover that would keep the couch from scratches.

You may place some extra sheets beneath the cover for additional protection so that the scratch doesn’t get to the furniture. You can also make use of leather protective adhesives that would also protect the couch.

Are leather sofas good with dogs?

Leather furniture sets are fantastic and durable, and most are usually easy to clean. With excellent maintenance, you can have your pets on them. However, pets’ claws and paws can cause some significant damages, much more on fake leather furniture sets.

So, it would be best if you look for various ways of protecting your couch from pets. It is a fact that faux leather furniture and pets are no friends, and this applies to even genuine leather, but they are more rigid and can withstand pet claws.

What should I do to protect my leather furniture sets from my cat?

Cats and leather furniture are two opposite walls, as felines barely leave leather couches in good condition since they tend to scratch a lot. It would help if you trim the cat claws to protect your leather furniture to reduce the damages they might cause.

You can also get cat deterrent sprays and leather adhesives to protect the leather. Getting your cat a scratch post would help distract and keep the feline away from the couch. A suitable leather slipcover would work too.

Will dogs ruin a leather couch?

Yes, and as such, leather furniture in homes where there are dog pets faces so much risk, as they might take a shine and chew till their heart content. A dog scratch leather couch can look unsightly.

Whether it is top-quality leather or fake leather, the damage caused can be disheartening. However, furniture sets made of thin leather may tear up easily. Thus, it would be helpful to take some precautions to help you protect your leather couch.

Between leather and cloth couch, which can work better for dogs?

The leather hide is famous for its durability, and furniture made of leather is relatively stronger than fabrics. When it comes to dogs and couches, those couches made of fabric come designed relatively thin and can tear up easily with dogs’ activity.

Leather couches are tougher than fabric couches, and it is less likely for dogs to puncture them with their paws. But suitable protection would be excellent for your furniture to ensure that it stays in good condition with your pets around.

Do dogs chew leather sofas?

Dogs have often seen chewing chunks of wood and other items in the house, and leather sofas are not left out. It is like your canine friends to want to chew the leather on your couch. With the unsightly appearance that such tears can cause, it would be best to protect your leather sofa.

Thus, it would be best to dog-proof leather sofa, and you can find a variety of options that would work correctly. Training your dogs to stay away from the couch is also a great strategy.

Final Words

Whether you want your pets around on your leather furniture or not, it is imperative to take some precautions to keep the furniture sets protected. These scratch marks, tears, urine, furs, and pet stains can damage the appearance of your leather.

Thus, how to protect leather furniture from pets is something you should learn. You can check out the excellent tips and tricks in this article, as they would effectively help protect your leather couch and sofa. You can use a single method or a combination of any of these tips to help you achieve the desired protection for your leather furniture.

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