Privacy Policy

Privacy is an extremely delicate issue to handle, and we know the importance of protecting your data. Whether you know or not, you are sharing your data with the rest of the world all the time.

And so, in one way or another, these data will remain passing on with those tiny little clicks. Thus, protecting all that information is getting tougher with time. However, we try our best to protect your data and make the best use of it fairly and legally.

Therefore, we are here to introduce you to all our privacy policies and let you know how we collect all that data deal with it. The content is divided into several sections. So, give it a thorough reading before taking any action.

How we collect data

We,, respect your privacy and make the fair use of your data. However, we do need to collect some information to carry out our services. Therefore, pay close attention to these ways of how we collect your data.


Collecting data from cookies is probably the most popular way, and most of you might be familiar with the term.

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored in the hard drive. We collect these chunks as they help us to improve the accessibility of our site. It also helps to track the repeated visiting along with an overall assessment of your preference.

However, none of these data relate to your private information. We do not collect any of these data without your permission. Also, we do not store your data without letting you know.

Not just that, there are ways to disable this functionality by adjusting some browsing settings. However, disabling such functions can result in limiting your access and services.

Click the link below to stop this function. The process is different based on the browser you use.

Log files

Like most other websites, we also use your log files to collect some data. These files consist of IP addresses, browser details, and ISP information in general.

Such information is a great way to deal with analyzing current trends and summarizing demographic information. Also, it helps to make certain assessments like the user’s preference and movement on the pages.


Whenever you comment on any of our given forms, we collect the data of that distinct comment along with your IP address and browsing details.

The process is essential to track down any false positives and maintaining the quality of our website. Also, we make sure to do everything by updated hashing techniques. And none of the data is stored without permission.

However, we do store the data whenever we detect any false positives to use it for the improvement of our security.


The newsletter is related to the subscription of our visitors. We will tell you to provide a valid email address and sign up for the form. By collecting your data, we take your permission and thereby send you occasional emails to improve your experience.

Contact forms

We collect data from any contact form that we provide you. None of these data relate to your private information, and we do not publish any of your personal information.

Embedded content

The website might include different types of embedded content. These might include some embedded articles, some links, or even an image.

These contents will behave the same and might also collect data as well as monitor your movement in their site.

Safety & Protection

We do everything we can to ensure maximum protection. Therefore, we collect data accurately and evolve ourselves to save you from threats like unauthorized access or any sort of infestation.

Know Your Rights 

As our respected visitors, you have your share of rights, and you should know them before doing anything. If you fill up any attached forms or make a subscription or even leave a simple comment, there are ways to handle the accessibilities of these data.

You can remove any of your information by simply contacting us. Also, you are free to delete any subscription or comment as you like. We are obligated to abide by your instructions and permissions.

 Third-Party Issues

Linked sites

Our website might include some third-party services or products. These websites have their terms and conditions, and our privacy policies have nothing to do with them. And so, any content or activity of such sites is not our liability or responsibility.

However, we do focus on keeping our integrity and security intact. That is why we make sure to through all feedbacks related to such websites.

Disclosure policies

Any of the information that we collect is secured and never shared with any other parties. Therefore, we do not trade, sell, or transfer any of our internal data to others.

However, this does not apply to non-personally identifiable data as those might be used in marketing and advertising facilities. Also, our website holding partners do not fall under this clause.

Privacy Protection Acts 

All of our policies abide by the privacy acts, and we recommend you go through the following descriptions to know better.


The CalOPPA stands for the California Online Privacy Protection Act, and it is the very first law that made commercial websites posting a privacy policy in their sites.

According to the act, we agree on letting the uses visit our website anonymously. Again, we have a separate section where we link our privacy policy on our official website. And lastly, all the links to our privacy policies include the term “Privacy” and are easily visible.


The COPPA stands for the Children Online Privacy Protection Act, and it deals with the personal information of children below the age of 13. With this act, parents are given the control to ensure the maximum protection of children’s privacy.

Also, we never use any personal data in our marketing policies that are related to such children.

Investigate Before Proceeding

We reserve the complete right to alter or change any of our privacy policies. Therefore, we highly focus on lawfully collecting these data and let you know all the details before choosing us.

Also, we try to update our services and policies from time to time to ensure the best experience. And so, we encourage you to investigate thoroughly and clear your thoughts before proceeding.

Last Updated on: May-03-2023