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People fond of leather goods can’t stop talking about their favorite leather items, brands, and who makes the best furniture in Canada, the USA, and other regions. As for furniture sets in Canada, there are many Canadian leather furniture companies and so the preferable one is a bit overwhelming to reach. However, there are also other factors to consider, such as durability, materials, and type of leather and construction.

This article outlines the top-rated leather furniture makers in Canada, and it’s environs to narrow down your search and help you choose the leather furniture maker that is best for you.

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Top-Rated Leather Furniture Brands

We’ve found some of the best leather couches in Canada based on our tester feedback and other specific evaluations.

Stoney Creek Furniture

Stoney Creek Furniture has been a mainstay on Lewis Road for more than 45 years, providing high-quality furnishings and services to the North York and Scarborough areas. The prestigious Hamilton Consumer Choice Award was given to this honorable retailer in 2013, and they were indeed the only one in Canada to receive this distinction.

The most recent iteration of the business offers a complete selection of modern home furnishings, including beds, living room furniture, bedsides, and kitchen and dining area furniture. Stoney Creek Furniture also offers storage options for the kitchen and entertaining area.


Best renowned for its solid wood bar stools and bistro tables, Bermex is a Canadian business. They have existed in Maskinonge, Quebec, since 1983. The company operates six facilities that are outfitted with cutting-edge machinery to produce sturdy furniture.

They have also been a family-run enterprise, and this emphasis on family has made the business well-known over the years. For instance, they are one of North America’s largest producers of dining sets, amongst other excellent products they offer.

There are more than 400 types available from this furniture producer. Additionally, the business is renowned for its customized items. So I’ll say that Bermex is your one-stop shop if you want to shop for some of the best high-end leather sofas and other furniture in Canada.


The largest furniture retailer in Canada is Leon’s Furniture Limited. This company features a wide range of goods and services and has 34 franchise sites nationwide.

A large variety of high-quality brand-name products are available at Leon’s, and they also provide excellent deals on home gadgets and appliances. You can trust them to meet your furniture needs, whether you’re looking for a new bedroom set or a recliner.

Appliances, mattresses, carpets, and home electronics are all available in the company. Although they build some of the furniture elsewhere, I found that majority of the pieces are made in Canada.

For years, Canadians have relied on Leon’s Furniture as a top-quality furniture supplier for their home. Since its inception, the business has expanded to have a multimillion-dollar inventory and a significant physical presence.

Showhome Furniture

The Showhome furniture company believes that your house should be stylish, affordable, and elegant. They provide a unique customer experience in addition to high-quality furniture at a reasonable price, making it easy for you to find the ideal piece of furniture for your home.

The company handles every detail for you, from choosing the right style to having it delivered and set up in your home, so you can concentrate on what matters most which is, living your best life. They also have a polite and no-pressure approach sales team.

For me, Showhome is indeed, a show home, as the name implies, because they have a huge selection of products and hundreds of fabrics to match any style and fit any budget. Its goal is to help customers furnish their perfect home with new furniture.

The retailer offers free design advice. The team is friendly and knowledgeable, and their 15 years of experience can help you choose the perfect products for your home. They also offer adaptable seating options that are useful in any space. For everyone looking for who makes the best quality sofas in Canada, this company is one of them.

Brentwood Classics

Canada’s premier furniture company, Brentwood Classics, is situated in Ontario. It has more than 35 years of experience providing high-quality products to the entire nation. The company creates and produces leather couches that have won awards and provide exceptional comfort and lifestyle.

All its goods are in high demand and are environment friendly. From traditional to ultra-modern furniture pieces, they’re all available here. Products from Brentwood Classics are made of soy-based polyfoam, which provides maximum and sustainable comfort.

Some of their qualities include; greater comfort and design, the use of soy-based polyfoam for superior comfort, and the availability of a wide variety of furnishings, from traditional to modern.

Leathercraft Furniture

The main characteristic of this well-known Canadian furniture manufacturer is that it offers a customization facility almost on all of its products to meet the individual need of every customer.

They also manufacture furniture of a high standard and use trusted manufacturing techniques. For more than 50 years, Leathercraft has been producing the finest leather furniture products in Canada and has become one of people’s favorites.

Who Makes the Best Furniture in Canada?

Stoney Creek Furniture makes the best furniture in Canada. It is an exquisite furniture store with a large space for the displaying vast selection of furniture designs and accessories. They offer both custom-made and trending furniture styles that are attractive and scream luxury.

Whether you’re searching for couches, sofas, bookshelves, dining sets, or a bed, be sure that at Stoney Creek Furniture, there’s an excellent product for each room in your home at affordable prices. These products are made with top-quality materials that have led to customer loyalty over the years.

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How Can You Tell Good Quality Leather Furniture?

Here are some ways I found to recognize good quality leather furniture. They include:

Rough Outward Appearance: real leather naturally appears to be “rough” since it comes from animal hides. It frequently shows natural hide markings, which is a sign that a leather object is authentic.

Additionally, full-grain leathers, the best-quality goods, frequently have a “grainy” appearance, and you could see “fat wrinkles” on the couch, which are fat deposits from when the animal was alive.

Further proof that a sofa is made of real leather is the presence of rough or uneven edges from joining two or more animal hides. Furniture with smooth edges is likely fake, as most animal hides are not so large to cover a couch at once.

Breathability: Since leather is animal skin, it has pores on the surface that respond to heat by opening and closing. This aids in controlling moisture levels and stops leather furniture from perspiring.

Only top-grain and full-grain leathers possess this characteristic. So, avoid leather furniture with excessive pigmentation since it might clog pores and reduce breathability.

Rich Aroma: Real leather usually has a rich and natural smell. On the contrary, faux leather furniture has a synthetic and chemically produced odor. If the sofa you are checking out smells entirely synthetic, it is not genuine leather.

Bumpy Touch: You may even touch the thick wrinkles in the leather. When you run your hand across the underside of a leather sofa, you should feel it’s uneven or “bumpy” if it is authentic leather.

Faux leathers frequently have a flawless finish, indicating that they are made of synthetic fibers rather than animal hide. This is because of the disparately formed pores in this hide, which allow the leather to breathe, making the furniture soft but not entirely smooth.

How Much Does a Good Quality Leather Sofa Cost?

I will advise you to set aside at least $2,000 for a premium, genuine leather sofa that accommodates at least three people. The various selection in price ranges from $400 to almost $8,000, but remember to consider the frame materials, seat fillings, and leather quality.

Also, remember that full-grain and performance-treated leather sofas will cost more than top-grain and vegan leather.


Is Bernhardt leather furniture good quality?

Yes, the Furniture company is renowned for its high standards, distinctive designs, and styles. It creates long-lasting works of art through using solid timbers, and the business concentrates on creating what are essentially “monuments” for their clients to admire.

Aside from appearance, Bernhardt’s furniture designs and styles also focus on longevity and functionality. Even some of its pieces made around 1970 are still on the market as used furniture today.

What is the best leather in furniture?

The best leather for furniture is pigmented leather because it’s very durable and easy to maintain, making it the best for homes with kids and pets. However, the coating can make pigmented leather feel somewhat stiff, so if you desire something more soft and luxurious, you can check out aniline leather.

What type of leather couch is most durable?

The most durable leather couches are the ones made with pigmented leather. The reason is; a polymer coating covers the leather to resist stains and moisture, making the leather last for several years. It is the best leather for homes with kids and pets.

Is Bernhardt a luxury brand?

Yes, Bernhardt is a luxury brand known for making quality furniture. It has been around for several years and has many loyal, satisfied customers; they have a variety of unique and affordable designs that suits your style and class.

What is the most popular color for a leather couch?

Brown, black, and grey are the popular colors for leather couches. It’s not hard to see why these colors are more popular than sofas made with white leather. Dark colors offer excellent options, from deep chocolates to tans which make classic sofa styles for any space.

What are the disadvantages of leather furniture?

Some of the disadvantages of leather furniture may include:

  • Splits and cracks – Due to its tanned skin, leather is more susceptible to tears and cracks than textiles. Also, sharp items and other causes can damage it, so make sure there are no such things near or on your leather furniture to avoid this.
  • Less comfy – Given that leather is firmer than most fabrics relative to how soft they are, most customers might find it less pleasant. Leather also tends to stick to the body due to temperature changes, and the material may be hot on the skin during warm weather, especially when exposed to the sun.
  • More Pricey – For many consumers, the upholstery’s cost is the most crucial consideration. Generally, non-leather products are more affordable for people to purchase because; leather is significantly more expensive than other materials.

Is Bernhardt made in the USA?

Yes, Bernhardt Design is currently carrying on with its manufacturing in North Carolina, USA. The corporation has twelve production facilities in that state; they have headquarters and manufacture furniture there too.

How much should I spend on a good-quality couch?

Home experts estimate that a couch typically costs between $400 and $1,500, but some variables affect the price, such as the material used in the upholstery of a sofa. You can anticipate paying on the lower end of the price range for a couch composed of cotton, synthetic fabric, or microfiber.

Final Words

Aside from being versatile and durable, leather furniture makes a great addition to almost any living room. That’s why it’s necessary to look out for “who makes the best leather furniture in Canada” or any city where you find yourself in the world.

This piece lists some top-rated leather furniture brands to help you narrow down and make the best choice and when you do. Whatever the maker you prefer, don’t forget to employ the correct tips on how to clean leather furniture to ensure it lasts for a long time.

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