How to Glue Leather to Fabric: An Easier and Quicker DIY Guide

Leather is useful, beautiful, and highly popular for its wide applications. There are multiple types of leather widely used for purses, jackets, furniture, and much more. As a game-changer, most leather lovers are keen on experimenting with leather and combining it with other materials.

Hence, you would find folks gluing leather to foam, glass, and even fabrics to create beautiful crafts. If you are involved in projects or repairs requiring leather and fabrics, they will help you learn how to glue leather to fabric.

Whether you are keen on learning how to glue fabric to leather shoes or glue canvas to leather, you will find this article pretty helpful. Beyond doubt, it offers an easy outline which, if properly implemented, may result in an outstanding result.

How to Glue Leather to Fabric

Gluing leather to fabric can be a tricky one. It is important to ensure that the glue used will not damage the leather or leave any unwanted residue.

Kindly note that several types of glue are available to work with when trying to glue your leather and fabric together. That said, below are helpful steps on how to glue leather to fabric.

how to cover shoes with fabric

Prepare the Leather Surface

Start by wiping the leather surface with a dry rag to remove dust and debris, as you wouldn’t want to glue those particles alongside the fabric. You can move further by employing a damp cloth to remove sticky or greasy buildups on the leather.

Once done, let the leather dry from much heat and sunlight.

Apply the Glue

Multiple glue options are available in stores, ranging from contact glues to spray glues. You can look out for excellent options like Aleenes leather & suede glue and Barge leather glue or search for suitable leather glue in Walmart and other retail stores.

For max results, apply a minute layer of the contact adhesive on the leather surface and do the same on the fabric. Hold the spray can away from the leather (at the right angle) and spray a thin layer on its surface as spray glue. Then, move further to do the same for the fabric.

Note: After getting glue, read the instructions to be sure that it is “formulated” for the job to prevent likely damage and ensure it holds the two pieces together for a long time.

Lay on the Fabric

After applying the glue, lay the fabric atop the leather and press both together for two minutes. To ensure sturdy adhesion, place a heavy object on the glued materials and let it sit for four to five hours.


Q: How do you glue fabric to a leather couch?

If you want to glue fabric on your leather sofa, it is best to start by wiping the couch with a dry cloth. You can clean the leather furniture further by wiping it with a damp cloth or employing a suitable leather cleaner to remove grime buildup.

Let the leather couch air dry and then apply a thin layer of glue to its surface, and do the same on the fabric’s surface. Once done, press the fabric onto the leather sofa’s surface and place a heavy object to hold it in place for several hours.

Q: Is Gorilla glue good for fabric?

Although Gorilla glue is not formulated for fabric, you can apply it without worry. It works well for hems and trims and can repair and help craft new things using fabric. However, you can find better fabric glues that are handy for giving a permanent result.

Gorilla glue for leather can also come in handy if you decide to glue a piece of fabric onto your leather material.

Q: Will contact adhesive work on fabric?

Contact adhesives may appear pretty intense for many fabrics, and as such, it is a popular choice to use appropriate fabric glues instead. However, you can use contact adhesives when you decide to stick fabric to another stretchy material like vinyl, and it may prove efficient for cementing fabric to leather.

Q: What is the best glue for leather to fabric?

When it comes to gluing fabric to leather, you need the best glue available. With so many options available, it may appear challenging to pick the best gluing solution. However, some popular options include:

  • Fiebing’s Leathercraft Cement
  • Tear Mender Glue 3.7Ltr.
  • Aleene’s 4 Oz. Leather & Suede Glue
  • Barge All-Purpose Quart
  • Boot-Fix Shoe Glue
  • Coconix Leather Glue
  • Tandy Leather Eco-Flo Leather Adhesive 4 Oz.

These are the best glues for leather belts, clothing, shoes, and other accessories that you want to merge with fabric.

Q: In place of fabric glue, can I use super glue?

Super glue is not the right option for gluing fabric since it creates a bond line pretty stiff and extremely inflexible. It would interest you to know that super glue does not come planned to work on fabrics, as it is “designed” for bonding less porous and stiffer materials like plastic.

If you apply super glue on fabric, it will seep through quickly and further create stains on the cloth – hence, it is not wise to use superglue in place of fabric glue. You can always find excellent fabric glues in stores and get the efficient one for your leathercraft and repairs.

Final Words

While leather and fabric are two distinct materials, you can employ both to plan an exquisite piece, ranging from clothing to footwear and even accessories. Even though you can sew these two materials together, gluing is an easier method, and it is cost-effective.

With the right glue, you can easily attach the leather to the fabric, and the good news is that this process is fun and easy. Kindly read through this article on how to glue leather to fabric and journey into merging these materials for your exceptional crafts.

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