How to Dry Leather – Quick and Simplest Methods

Leather is a natural material that can be damaged if it gets wet. not dried appropriately, it could begin to crack, have watermarks, discolor, and eventually crack. To prevent this, it is important to dry leather properly.

The best way to dry leather is to let it air dry naturally. This will help to prevent the leather from shrinking or cracking. To air-dry leather, simply place it in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. You can also stuff the inside of the leather with newspaper to help absorb moisture.

Now, keep reading to learn how to dry leather without using heat sources that can change the leather’s chemical structure.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need the following items to dry a leather item.

  • A brush with soft bristles or a toothbrush
  • A dry cloth
  • Leather conditioner
  • Soft paper towel or a sponge
  • An absorbent material such as old newspaper
  • Padded hangers

How to Dry Leather

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How to Dry Leather in 3 simple steps?

As it is suggested at the outset, drying wet leather is essential and pretty simple. Here, you find a 3-step method to dry leather without the least side effect.

Pat and Dry: The first step to drying leather is to pat the leather to absorb liquid from its surface. Using a clean, soft material to pat the leather inside and out will enable the liquid that soaked into the leather to go off by evaporation. Then leave the item to dry.

If you are wondering how to dry leather bag, you’ll also have to dab with a soft cloth but be sure to clean your hands first to remove dirt, grease, or oil that the leather bag can easily absorb.

It is necessary to dab off the liquid gently and not wipe it. The reason is, wiping will drive the water further deep into the leather’s skin. After dabbing the leather bag, stuff lots of newspapers inside it to help it maintain its shape after drying. Then, air dry.

As for how to dry leather wallet, pat the material to remove liquid from its surface. Fold it close, and let it air dry in its closed position. The closed position will ensure it maintains its shape even if it hardens during the drying process.

Condition the leather: While drying the damp leather, it’s great to apply a leather conditioner. Apply a moderately thick coat of leather conditioner to the leather’s surface, massage it in and allow it for some hours or overnight to dry.

The conditioner will have natural oils that will seep into the leather and thus compensate for the oil the material lost at evaporation while drying. It’ll help to restore its luster.

Protect the Leather: If you come across overly dry spots in places after conditioning it, it requires further conditioning and buffing either sides of the leather. That is to protect the leather from premature damage.

 When the conditioner has dried, you may buff the leather and apply water and stain repellant. In this way, you’ll protect the leather against such exposure in the future.

How to dry leather footwear

Leather footwear tends to last for a long time, but its durability depends on the level of care you give them. That’s why you should know how to dry leather shoes and how to dry leather boots to ensure that you get enough value for your luxury footwear.

To dry leather footwear;

  • Ensure you clean the leather shoes with a soft brush or cloth to remove mud or dirt before drying, as they may not be easy to remove when the leather has dried.
  • Pat the liquid with a towel to open the leather surface and let the liquid inside evaporate.
  • Remove the insoles and laces, if any, and lay the footwear flat.
  • Stuff some dry newspapers or paper towels into the shoe to absorb the wetness and help maintain its shape.
  • Leave the leather shoes in a place with sufficient ventilation and allow them to air dry for up to 24 to 48 hours.
  • When the shoes dry, take out the newspaper or paper towels and put back the insoles and laces.

Note: Do not dry the footwear with heat sources such as a hairdryer, radiator, or direct sunlight, as it may damage the leather.

Knowing how to dry leather jackets is equally helpful when this piece of fashion item gets wet. Clean leather jackets when they get wet, hang them on padded hangers, and let them air dry. This simple method also works if you are looking for how to dry leather gloves.

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Expert Tips to Successful Leather Drying

Here are some additional tips for drying leather:

  • Do not wring out wet leather. This can damage the fibers.
  • Do not use a heat gun or other high-heat source to dry leather. This can also damage the fibers.
  • Do not dry leather in direct sunlight. This can cause the leather to fade.
  • If the leather is still wet after a few days, take it to professional leather cleaner or tanner.

By following these tips, you can dry leather properly and prevent it from becoming damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for leather to air dry?

The time it takes leather to air dry depends on the leather type and how wet it is. If you just mistakenly spilled water on a leather item and cleanse it off, it’ll dry in about an hour. However, if the leather is immersed in water, it will take from 24 to 48 hours or more to dry completely.

Does leather get ruined when wet?

Water and leather are not very friendly. So, a leather item could get ruined if it becomes very wet and is not given the proper care to dry right away. However, if you give it the correct care, let it air dry, and apply a high-quality conditioner, you can rescue the leather.

Can leather be dried in a dryer?

Drying leather in a dryer is not proper because such a heat source may harm the leather. It could lead to cracking, discoloration, and severe dryness which will make you struggle to restore dry leather. It is best to air dry the leather without adding extra heat.

Can I soak leather in water?

You may soak leather in water, but it’s not a great idea. Soaking leather in water can damage it, and it gets worse if you don’t dry it the proper way. However, if you soak your leather in water, don’t let it soak for long. Bring it out quickly, dab, and allow it to air dry.

Does leather dry quickly?

Leather can dry fast if it’s not too wet. But, it takes some days to dry if it’s very wet, and it is best to let it dry completely before another use. You can fold the leather item in a newspaper or paper towel to hasten its drying but don’t use a blow dryer or hairdryer.

How long does leather oil take to dry?

Leather oil takes about 24 hours to dry. The oil needs some time to penetrate the leather and replace lost oil. After applying leather oil, place the leather in a well-ventilated area and leave it overnight or 24 hours to air dry.

Should leather be dry before oiling?

No, it is best to oil leather when it is a little wet. That way, the oil can seep into the leather, become more uniformly distributed, and restore its shine. On the other hand, dry leather may not be easy for the oil to seep through and give a perfect shine.

How do you get water out of leather?

You get water out of leather by dabbing it to remove the water on its surface and allow the ones inside to evaporate. Then, place the leather in an airy place and leave it to air dry. You can stuff leather boots and bags with newspapers to help maintain their shape as they dry.

Wrap Up

Considering the cost and value of leather, seeing it wet or soaked can create panic, but knowing how to dry leather properly will put your mind at rest. All you have to do is, follow the tips on this piece with some patience, and your leather will be dried and restored in no time.

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