How to Clean urine From Leather Couch?

Buying a leather couch for your home is one of the best investment decisions you can ever make. These kinds of couches are both durable and attractive, adding to the interior aesthetics. Besides this, they are easy to clean. However, the last thing you would like to see is urine stains.

Whether these strains have come from your favorite pet trying to mark its territory or from your baby’s urine, these stains can make your leather couches look unattractive. In addition, they can give your leather a bad odor. To avert these problems, you should clean these stains as soon as possible. In this article, we shall take a closer look at how to clean dog urine from leather couches and other related facets.

How to clean urine from leather couch Step by step guide

Before we discuss how one can remove dog urine on the leather couch, there is a need for you to know what urine does to leather once your baby or favorite pet pees on it. After all, most people have been asking, does urine damage leather? The reality of the issue is that urine can be detrimental to your leather couch.

This is because urine usually contains uric acid that can discolor your leather couch over time if at all it is not removed in good time. Also, urine has urea that makes the urine smelly, especially on a hot afternoon.

Since dogs will be able to smell this odor from afar, they are likely to pee on the same spot over and over again. Therefore, you have every reason to remove urine from your couch. Here are the vital steps on how to clean urine from a leather couch:

how to clean human urine from faux leather couch

Dismantle the couch and remove the cushion covers

The first step in cleaning urine from the leather couch is to disassemble the couch and then remove the cushion covers. This is very important if the urine has already soaked through the leather cushions. However, if the urine is on the cushions’ cover, you do not need to remove the cushion covers.

Instead, you will need to use a paper towel to blot any urine present on the covers of your leather cushions until no more urine is left on the surface. For optimal results, try to blot as much urine as possible.

Dampen a lint-free cloth with cool water

Once you have blotted the existing urine of the leather surface, time is ripe for you to use a wet lint-free cloth to wipe the leather surface. Ideally, you should mix lukewarm water with mild soap and then dampen the piece of cloth with this mixture.

Gently wipe the affected surface from edge to edge, seam to seam. Since you may leave a new stain on the leather surface, it is important that you clean the entire section of the leather cushion so as to avoid repeating the same process all over again. After that, let the leather dry in the sun. This should help eliminate the odor present on the leather. However, if the leather continues, there is a need to go the extra mile.

Mix lukewarm water with white vinegar and then dampen your lint-free clothe

If the odor still exists, you may need to mix vinegar and lukewarm water and then use the solution to dampen the lint-free clothes. Thereafter, wipe the leather couch with a damp cloth. Unlike other cleaning solutions, vinegar is a natural cleaner and can help eliminate the bad odor caused by baby urine or pet urine.

For optimal results, you should let the vinegar remain on the leather’s surface for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, wipe the leather using a damp cloth. In case there is any excess moisture, wipe it using a dry towel. If you do not have vinegar, you can spray Clorox urine remover on the leather. After that, let the leather air dry.

Assemble the couch

Once you are the leather surface has dried, you can now assemble it. You can now apply a leather conditioner on the affected area and then use a lint-free cloth to buff it. After that, let it dry before you can now start sitting on the couch.

The entire cleaning process should not take you long as long as you have a lint-free cloth, mild soap, vinegar, and leather conditioner. More importantly, let the leather dry so that the odor can be eliminated effectively.


Q: What does urine do to leather?

Once your leather gets urine or is urinated on, it is bound to get stains. Besides stains, it can get an odor that may remain there for days if not hours. Therefore, you have to remove the urine as soon as possible using solutions such as mild soap solution, vinegar, Clorox urine remover, and many more. Eliminate it promptly so that your leather does not get stained and remain with a bad odor for hours.

Q: How do you get the pee smell out of a couch that has been dried?

To eliminate the pee smell from a leather couch that has dried, one needs to use vinegar and water solution. Put these two components in a spray bottle and then spray it gently on the stain. After that, scrub gently with a damp piece of cloth and then let the couch dry. Since vinegar contains disinfectant properties, it will help get rid of any bacteria present on the surface too.

Q: Can you use vinegar on leather couch?

Yes. As we speak, you can now use vinegar to clean your leather couch. However, you should mix it with water in a ratio of 1:1.After that, use a microfiber or lint-free cloth to apply the solution.

If you have a spray bottle, you can use and spray the solution on the affected area and its environs. Rub the leather using the cloth in a circular motion, and then remove the dirt from the natural fibers of your leather couch.

Q: Can you use washing-up liquid to clean leather sofa?

Yes. You are now at liberty to use the washing-up liquid whenever you want to clean your sofa. However, you should mix it with lukewarm water and have a soft piece of cloth to clean the leather sofa. When damping the soft piece of cloth in the solution, avoid making it too wet. Ideally, it should be wet up to a certain percentage, and then start wiping your leather sofa.

Q: Can you use baby wipes to clean leather sofa?

It is not advisable to use baby wipes to clean your leather sofa. Remember that baby wipes are highly alkaline and can damage your leather sofa. In fact, you should avoid using these wipes on any of your leather products. Besides alkaline properties, other chemicals present on these wipes can make your leather start peeling and even crack.

Q: Can I use soapy water to clean leather sofa?

Yes. You can now use soapy water to clean your leather. However, when using soapy water to clean your leather, you should first vacuum the leather so as to get rid of any debris present and then dampen a piece of cloth with the soapy water and then start cleaning the leather surface. Be gentle as you wipe the leather so that it remains in pristine condition.

Q: Can you use warm soapy water to clean leather couch?

Yes. You can use warm soapy water to deal with mild stains. You just need to dampen a lint-free cloth with this solution and start cleaning the leather surface. As we speak, we have some leather soaps, such as saddle soaps, that work magic when it comes to leather cleaning.

Final words

Stubborn urine stains and odors on your leather couch should no longer stress you. By following the procedure mentioned above, you will be able to get rid of these stains and odors and have a comfortable living environment. More importantly, do not be too abrasive as you wipe the leather couch. Once you are done, apply a leather conditioner and let the couch dry. Consider these steps today, and you will keep urine stains and odors on your leather at bay.

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