What is Saffiano Leather? – What You Need to Know

When you’re looking for excellent stain resistance and extra durability that combines well with elegance in leather items, saffiano leather comes to mind. This leather has become popular over the years, as many leather lovers can’t get enough of it.

Considering how popular it has become, it would be best to know more about this wonder leather. So, what is saffiano leather? Designers use saffiano leather to make bags, belts, wallets, purses, etc. Is saffiano leather good? Is saffiano leather vegan? Please read on to get all the details.

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What is Saffiano Leather?

Saffiano leather is a kind of textured leather that has diagonal lines with a cross-hatch design pressed into its wax coating by a machine to give it a touch of sheen. It is said that Mario Prada invented it several decades ago in Italy, where he used it to make top-quality bags.

What is saffiano leather made from? Saffiano leather is made using various types of leather, especially full-grain leather from a calf. A machine presses the saffiano pattern into the leather, and then a protective wax finish is used to treat it.

As expected, the protective wax gives the leather its sheen and protects it from scratches, water, and different stains.

Manufacturing Process of Saffiano Leather

Considering how popular this leather has become, it is interesting to know its manufacturing process. The four steps of making this leather include preparation, heating, pressing, and finishing.

  • Preparation Process: this is the first stage in beginning leather work, and it involves converting the hide to leather to make it ready for commercial purposes. Some people add a unique color to the hide during this tanning process to give their products a touch of exclusivity.
  • Heating Process: next is to loosen the fibers by heating the leather material to about 70° This process is essential in leather work as it makes the leather to be flexible for the pressing of the pattern.
  • Pressing Process: this stage involves engraving crosshatched patterns to the hot leather using distinct machines that have metal plates. The plate has a mirror reflection of the texture that the leather worker wants to achieve. The process takes about 15 seconds as the machine comes on the leather with immense force.
  • Final Stage: this is the finishing stage, where the leather is left to cool. After cooling, a finish is spread over it to make the leather surface glossy and keep it from various forms of damage.

Cleaning and Maintaining Saffiano Leather

Saffiano leather is easy to clean and maintain. This is because its surface lets dirt slide off with ease, and it doesn’t need constant cleaning. So, here are simple tips for cleaning and maintaining saffiano leather.

  • Use baby wipes or a damp microfiber towel to wipe the leather. Ensure to work gently in a straight movement.
  • You may use saffiano leather cleaner or stain remover to clean off difficult stains from the leather.
  • Use a brush with soft bristles to gently brush off dirt build-ups in between the leather’s grain.
  • To keep the saffiano leather bag in shape when not using it, stuff old newspaper inside it. Also, store the leather in a dust bag to ensure it remains clean.
  • Avoid saffiano leather from coming in contact with sharp objects that can scratch its surface.
  • Always apply protection cream that is proper for saffiano leather to keep stains away and make it look shiny.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is saffiano leather good leather?

Yes, saffiano leather is good leather. It is high-quality leather made using calf leather. It has an elegant and glossy finish that makes it one of the finest leathers used by designers. Saffiano is resistant to scratch, water, and sun and lasts for a long time.

Q: Is saffiano leather fake?

Saffiano is made with genuine or faux leather. It is not fake because real leather is required to press the patterns seen in saffiano. Although some corrected leathers can be used to make it because the patterns hide the limitations, saffiano leather is not fake.

So, knowing that faux leather can also be used to make saffiano leather, it is best to check the saffiano leather well to be sure if it’s made with genuine or faux leather.

Q: Is saffiano leather cheap?

People also ask, ‘is saffiano leather expensive?’ Well, the answer will depend on the material used by the manufacturer to make saffiano leather. The fact is that quality saffiano leather is expensive. That’s why you’ll usually find it in high-end stores.

Q: How can you tell if saffiano leather is real?

Taking a good look at the fabric of saffiano leather item will help you know if the saffiano leather is real or fake. If it’s real, it’ll be a little glossy and feel rigid, but the fake one will most likely be flabby and soft to the touch.

Q: Is saffiano leather better than pebble leather?

You can make saffiano leather using natural leather with a plastic coating placed over its surface to make it shiny, strong, and durable. The pebbled leather is also made with natural leather and has a protective finish over its surface.

They’re both great, and the better one will depend on what a person wants. Saffiano is excellent as it requires little care to make it last longer, but you may not feel the real leather as it’s covered. But you can feel the leather in pebbles. However, it requires extra care for durability.

Q: Which brands use saffiano leather?

Many designer brands that deal in the leather craft now use saffiano leather to make various leather items. The brands include Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Prada, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, and others.

Q: What animal is saffiano leather made from?

Saffiano leather is originally made from the skin of a calf. However, it now has variations as some now make it using vegetable leather, PU leather, and other types.

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Final Words

Saffiano leather is simply noble and has become one of the most sought-after leather types in the fashion world. This piece answers the question ‘what is saffiano leather’ as it shows all you should know about and how to care for this beautiful high-quality leather.

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