Beginning Leather Work: A Step by Step Guide

Leatherworking is one of the highest-paying professions; the most exciting part is that there are no hidden treasures to uncover to enable you to start well when beginning leatherwork.

Getting into leatherworking can be pretty easy if you understand the step-by-step procedures. The craft may appear to be overwhelming if you do not have someone who can guide you through it.

However, this article is your best guide to starting a leatherworking operation. Kindly check out the step-by-step procedures required to get into leatherworking and the tools to use.

How To Get Into Leatherworking Step-by-step

Beginning Leather Work

Getting into a new trade and sustaining the operations of such an endeavor can be tasking. It is more challenging when you are trying to get into leatherworking compared to running the operations after setting it up.

The following step-by-step guide unveils how to get into leatherworking and the necessary tools required for beginners.

Choose a project to carry out.

Most people admire specific skills or trades, and they erroneously believe that they can jump into such operations with just anything and at any time. Contrary to that notion, the first step to getting into leatherworking requires identifying various leatherwork projects and choosing the one, to begin with.

Choosing a particular project from several leatherworking projects will help you maintain focus and learn the best possible way of getting the job done.

So, why not start by choosing a small project like designing a wallet, a bracelet, a belt, a watch strap, a dog collar, etc.? These are a few examples of leatherwork you can start with.

Learn to understand how to do it.

Cutting, saddle stitching, and edge finishing are all basic skills required to design certain leatherwork projects. To be specific, try as much as possible to find out which skills are needed for the kind of projects you have chosen from the first step.

Some projects require an understanding of advanced skills like box stitching, knife sharpening, skiving, etc. In that case, you must pay so much attention to first acquiring these skills for the first project at hand.

Ascertain the required tools.

Some common tools from a leatherworking kit required for beginners’ leatherwork projects include; a needle and thread, a knife, a diamond chisel, glue, a ruler, a hammer, etc.

Therefore, it is essential to know the tools required for your first project and other subsequent projects before embarking on them.

It is also essential to learn how to use some of these tools so that it becomes easy to get the job done without moving back and forth to figure out what’s next when executing the leatherwork project.

Get a nice first piece of leather material.

Leather is an essential material required for a leatherwork project. Without it, there will be nothing to work on using any of the available tools. So, at this point, you may want to get a smooth and nice first piece of leather material for the job.

Ensure to get excellent leather quality for your first project because it will impact the output when the project is finally completed.

Get the right tools for the job.

Before now, point #3 addressed the issue of finding out which tools are required for the project you intend to undertake. At this point, you should buy the right tools needed for the project at hand.

Sometimes, due to financial constrain, getting a complete leatherworking kit may not be immediately possible. In that case, look critically to find out the specific tools required for the current project at hand and buy them. Any further advancement can be made over time.

Work on your first leatherwork project until completion

Once you’ve selected a particular project to undertake (e.g., making a wallet or belt), and everything concerning the leather material and the tools are totally settled, you can now commence work on your first leatherwork project.

Ensure to focus on the entire process of designing the kind of project you have chosen while engaging the best leather-working techniques to get the job done. Once the project is completed, you can go on and reward yourself for a job well done.

Beginning Leathers Works


Is it hard to learn leatherworking?

Leatherworking seems to be less common than other skills like woodworking, which has made some people believe that it can be challenging. But this isn’t true about leatherworking.

Leatherworking has been on for a while, and a lot of people are consistently improvising to expertise on the skill. Some people have started the endeavor from scratch and have learned the skill within a short period.

So, if you’re losing heart about learning leatherworking, you should calm down and reconsider it. It can be relatively easy to understand compared to a few other skills like woodworking.

What do you need to start tooling leather?

Leatherworking is an interesting skill to acquire. The job can be very smooth when all the necessary tools required are available.

Some basic leatherworking tools include the following; cutting mats, cutters, sewing items, bevelers, awls, gouges, stamps, punches, burnishers, mauls, groovers, glues, pricking iron, and skivers.

Once you have these tools, you are good to go on your leatherworking. Lacking one or more of these tools may limit your ability to develop great designs on your leatherworking. So, it would be best to get every one of them if you can. It will make the job a lot easier.

What is needed for leatherworking?

Leatherworking requires a few basic tools for beginners. The tools can be upgraded as time goes on, depending on the kinds of jobs to be handled. Some of the items needed for leatherworking include; a knife, diamond chisel, needle and thread, a ruler, and a hammer.

More sophisticated tools can be added for professional job operations and to make the whole process easier. But you can start with a beginner leatherworking kit in the meantime.

Whatever, it is important to note that leather is essential for leatherworking because it is the object to be transformed for the job. Other tools become necessary because leather is available to work on.

How do I start leather work?

Starting leatherwork can be pretty straightforward, provided you understand the step-by-step process required from point A to B. The following procedure will enable you to begin leatherwork successfully.

  • Identify and choose a project.
  • Learn how to do it.
  • Understand the required tools.
  • Buy a nice first piece of leather material.
  • Buy the right tools for the job.
  • Start working on your first leatherwork project.

Starting leatherwork can be relatively easy when there is a proper guide to follow that can simplify the entire process. If you are considering starting a leatherworking operation, ensure to go through this video critically over and over again for further guidance.

Is leatherworking good in Shadowlands?

Besides alchemy, enchanting, mining and herbalism, inscription, etc., leatherworking seems to be one of Shadowlands’s highest-paying skills or professions.

So, leatherworking is like a pot of gold in Shadowlands, where there are excellent opportunities to excel. Leatherworking is a great skill, provided it is learned professionally and utilized in suitable locations.

If you are contemplating whether leatherwork would work perfectly in Shadowlands, it is somewhat one of the best ideas to implement as soon as possible. This is because leatherworking will turn out viable in Shadowlands.

How much money can you make selling leather goods?

Leatherworking is a productive skill that can generate incredible cash flow over time. However, what you could earn doing leatherwork varies based on the kind of goods or services sold.

With leatherworking, earning as much as around $30,000 to $40,000 per annum is possible, especially when you have a way of cutting down your expenses (overhead).

Where can I train in leatherworking?

Leatherworking can be learned right in the following locations; Chaw Stronghide in Mulgore, Kamari in Ogrimmar, Mak in Thunder Bluff, Shelene Rhobart in Tirisfal Glades, etc. You could also find out where to learn leatherworking in your neighborhood.

After identifying a place to learn leatherworking, it would be best to stick to all it takes to learn the skill perfectly. Leatherworking can also be learned at Shadowlands. Whatever location you choose will be okay, provided there is total commitment.

Final Words

If you’ve been confused or frustrated about where to start your leatherwork operations, sufficient information has been unfolded for your consumption above in this article.

It is a fact that beginning leatherwork may overwhelm some people at first, but the journey can be exciting with the proper guide on how to get into leatherworking.

So, if you are nervous or anxious about starting your leatherwork trade, this is the best time to shoot that shot and be sure of hitting the target without missing.

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