How to Store Leather Jackets – Expert Tips

Many people enjoy wearing leather jackets, especially in the winter as they are great at keeping you warm. From keeping the body warm to revealing a stylish appearance, there are many reasons folks invest in this clothing item. But you should take care to properly store your leather jacket or else it will start to deteriorate or even attract bugs.

Proper care keeps the material healthy and supple for extended periods. So, learning how to store leather jackets can be a great help because storing leather items properly is ensuring most of the maintenance. Remember, failure to store this material right can lead to untimely wear and tear.

With your wardrobe’s winter to spring transition, you need hints on proper storage patterns for leather jackets. Kindly read through this guide and employ these storage tips for leather jackets because that is how to keep leather jackets in good condition.

6 Correct Ways to Store Leather Jackets

Leather jackets can make you bonny lass, and a little extra attention can make this piece a long-lasting clothing item. Thus, most leather enthusiasts lookout for tips on “how to store faux leather jackets” and keeping leather outfits in pristine condition.

Now, follow these tips below and learn how to save leather jackets from cracking and make them look great always even while in storage.

Supplies Needed

  • Mild dishwashing soap
  • Leather conditioner
  • Washcloth
  • Padded or wooden hangers
  • Breathable fabric
  • Dehumidifier
  • Acid-free paper
  • Non-plastic storage container

how to store leather jackets

Start by Cleaning the Leather Jacket

It is a bad idea to store dirty leather jackets, as such contaminants could toll the material. Thus, get a clean cloth damped in cold water and wipe the leather surface. Since this is an organic material, machine washing is a big NO!

If you plan on keeping this piece in storage for a long time, take a step to clean the leather with soap and water. Soak the jacket in a bath filled with lukewarm water and add mild dishwashing soap.

Clean the jacket and wring out excess moisture-wipe afterward a cloth damped in cold soapy water. Once done, hang the cloth in a well-ventilated area to dry.

Apply a Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioners are essential for keeping your jacket moisturized and shiny. The nature of this material is such that it starts cracking if left dry, and a short coat of leather conditioner would prevent such damage.

Using a cotton swab, rub a small amount of the conditioner on the clean leather surface in small circular motions. Even while in storage, you should remember to condition the piece once every few months. According to expert recommendations, you should condition leather jackets once every 3-6 months.

Stuff with Acid-Free Paper

Placing some acid-free paper on the cloth’s insides can prevent dust and dirt. The rationale behind using acid-free paper when storing such wear is to create a barrier between the jacket and moisture, dust, and dirt, ensuring the piece remains in shape at all times.

This material is available in local stores that sell office supplies and available online. Push the paper in the pockets and sleeves of the leather jacket, and lock the zipper afterward.

Employ Wide Padded or Wooden Hangers

While hangers can support the shoulders of this clothing item and keep it in shape, it is essential to avoid lightweight plastic or wire hangers.

Even though the exact hanger you use depends on the leather jacket type you want to store, it is best to get padded or wooden hangers that are sturdy enough to bear the cloth’s weight.

Using wooden hangers made from cedar can further protect the jacket and eradicate light odors around the cloth lining.

Wrap in a Breathable Fabric

Leather jackets encased in a breathable material would remain supple and free from moisture damage emanating from excessive heat. If you seek ideas on “how to store leather jackets in summer,” you can use a unique storage bag for leather.

Alternatively, you can wrap the leather coat in a garment bag or clean the bedsheet. Such an action allows air to pass through and keep the material in good condition. Please, ensure that you don’t fold the jacket to fit into the storage material and use one large enough to cover the piece.

Use Storage Containers

Aside from hanging the leather, you can also choose to keep it in a non-plastic container. A plastic container is not breathable and does not allow the leather to last long; thus, a wooden trunk or suitcase would suffice.

But knowing how to store leather jackets in suitcases and the wooden trunk is pretty important. Lay the jacket in the wooden trunk, ensuring a gap between the container’s base and lid-this allows sufficient airflow. For suitcases, unzip the jacket and store it.

Tips for Leather Jackets in Storage 

  • Only store the jacket in a dark area free from direct sunlight.
  • Light bulb exposure is not ideal for leather jackets-store them away from such.
  • Kindly place the piece under the best temperature to store the leather jacket; the closet should be cool and dry.
  • A dehumidifier placed in your closet is a way to go on “how to store leather jackets” in humid weather conditions.
  • Keep a silica gel in the storage container before putting it away to absorb moisture.
  • Take out the leather jacket from the storage container every few weeks and air dry for a couple of hours.

how to store faux leather jacket


Q: Should I hang or fold my leather jacket?

Folding leather jackets would often cause creases, and it becomes difficult for the material to ease out or return to shape afterward. Thus, it is crucial to hang this clothing item using wide wooden or padded hangers.

Such an action would maintain the cloth’s shape, ensuring the shoulders do not droop. Again, the hanger should be strong enough to support the jacket’s weight.

Q: How can I keep my leather jacket in the summer?

The temperature increase during summer is not favorable for leather. Hence, be sure to take great care in storing your leather jackets within this period. Encasing this outfit in a breathable bag or cloth would be a great idea.

This move allows proper airflow and ensures that the leather remains in good condition for a long time. Avoid plastic bags in storing leather, as such airtight packing would cause severe heat, leaving the leather moist and appearing as a thriving spot for mold or mildew.

Q: How often should I condition my leather jacket?

Leather conditioners are great for making your leather items look soft, supple, and shiny. It is ideal to condition leather after cleaning, preventing the material from drying out and cracking. Thus, you should condition your leather jacket after cleaning it and store it appropriately.

If it’s something you wear from time to time, you should condition it at least once or twice a year. Get a good leather conditioner from leathercraft stores or any hardware store and apply it to the leather in thin layers, following small circular motions.

Q: Can I store leather jackets in plastic bags?

Avoid the use of plastic bags in storing leather jackets. While plastic bags are employed by most professional cleaning services to transport clothing items, it is important to remove your leather jacket from such covering and store it appropriately.

Since plastic bags are airtight, the heat could moisten the leather further damage it. Use a breathable cloth bag to encase the leather to ensure it remains in good shape while in your wardrobe.

Q: Where do you put a leather jacket?

It is crucial to put leather jackets in a place that is not excessively hot or cold. Also, humid conditions are not favorable for leather materials, and it is best to store such items in a dehumidified environment.

While it is common for folks to put away their leather jackets on padded or wooden hangers, there are many other effective storage ideas. You can also place the leather in a non-plastic storage container, like a storage suitcase or wooden trunk.

Q: How do you store PU leather jackets?

You can store your favorite PU leather jacket in a dark place free from heat from sunlight and bulbs. Make certain that you employ wide and padded hangers that can bear the weight of this outfit.

Never fold such leather, as it crumbles the material, and the jacket may likely not return to shape after that. If you are interested in storing this clothing item in containers, avoid plastic containers.

Q: How do you store leather hides?

The best way to store leather hides is to keep them flat, supporting one end to another by placing them horizontally. Please, avoid folding leather hides, as it causes creases that could make the animal skin crack over time.

Q: How do you protect the leather in storage?

Before putting leather away in storage, you should ensure the piece is clean and condition it properly to make it soft and ensure it doesn’t dry out. While in storage, it would help control the storage unit’s climate condition.

Excessive heat and moisture are not suitable for leather, and the storage closet for the leather should be cool and dry. Once every few weeks, you should get out the material and air dry to keep it in great condition.

Wrap Up

As a durable material, leather makes a handful of items and plays a major role in the fashion industry. Thus, leather jackets are perfect fashion apparels that are pretty attractive and long-lasting. You can store leather for years if properly cared for and maintained.

When storing leather jackets, it is crucial to maintain them to preserve their quality. The first thing to do is keep the outfit away from heat, sunlight, and moisture. If you are looking for methods and tips on how to store leather jackets,  this guide should answer all your queries and need.

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