Types of Leather Jackets – Top 8 Picks for Men & Women

Oh, how I love leather jackets. They’re not just glamorous; they help you make a strong fashion statement. Leather is a natural and durable material that works right for every season, no matter the occasion.

However, I found out that people get overwhelmed when they want to invest in a leather jacket due to many options available. Well, as a user and lover of leather jackets, I can easily help out by showing you the various types of leather jackets and how to select the right one for you.

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Different Types of Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are made with different leather types like full-grain leather, top-grain leather, faux leather, etc. and they also come in various styles and designs to suit different personalities.

The good news I bring here, is that there’s a leather jacket for everyone, both male and female. So, if you’ve been thinking of adding it to your wardrobe, here are the popular leather jacket styles I found worth investing in.

Biker Jacket

The biker jacket stands out from the rest. It projects style and makes you look trendy. You can find this jacket in several colors, so you choose the color and features that define your sense of style.

This jacket was designed initially to protect bikers from accidents, and the elements have become a fashion item that most people admire. It is made with thick leather that makes it even more durable and can keep the wearer warm in the cold.

Its unique features include: a short length that stops right above the hips, a big collar, a straight cut that doesn’t snug-fit through the trunk area, zippers, buckles, extra pockets, snaps, etc. and all these features help to give it its cool appearance both for men and women.

Moto Jacket

If you’re just like me who loves a combination of class and a moderate blend of details, then you’ll love the moto jacket. This jacket is for both men and women because it has a close-fitting to the body. It comes with excellent features that add to its appearance.

This thick leather jacket offers you protection from scrapes during an accident and also from the elements. The jacket comes in various colors like; the regular white, tan, red, blue, and black leather jacket. So, feel free to express your personality through the mojo jacket.

This jacket has excellent features like extra stitching and a stylish zipper. Its added features include extra zippers, pockets, and buckles.

Racer Jacket

So, you love the biker jacket but prefer a modern touch? Here comes the racer jacket. You can refer to it as a more fashionable version of the biker jacket. Its features are almost the same as the biker jacket except that its collar is straight and not too long.

This jacket is for men and women as it has some custom features and a contemporary fit that makes it very attractive. It also comes in numerous colors, like other jackets do.

Now remember that the racer jacket serves more of a fashion purpose than function, so you’ll find it in soft leather varieties such as Nappa leather or suede.

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket has been around since the 1800s. It was designed for pilots, but it has found its way to the top when it comes to leather fashion. This fashion item is great for winter or fall, both men and women can rock it.

It appears simple, and its major feature is a zipper that runs up its middle to close it securely. The leather bomber jacket is fuller around the body and narrows around the waist area. Its collar is regular as it folds away at the collarbone.

A common feature of this jacket is the addition of fabric and elastics to its ends and wrists to make it snug to the body. You’ll find it made of different types of leather jacket materials such as, lamb leather making it soft and cozy. Its color varieties are black, brown, red, white, and navy.

Flight Jacket

The flight jacket became popular in 1917 as it was worn by pilots who were on active duty. It has similar features as the bomber jacket but has some improvements. This jacket is excellent for men and women as it keeps the body warm in winter and fall.

It comes in various leather materials that last for a long time. You’ll usually find it in the regular dark brown US Army leather jacket color and other colors. And the features include extra stitching, patches, pulls, and pockets for improved functionality.

What makes the flight jacket stand out is its warm interior insulation. The insulation material is thick and soft, thereby doing an excellent job of keeping the wearer incredibly warm. Sounds so good for winter, doesn’t it?

Leather Blazer

The leather blazer has become a fantastic fashion trend. I feel it should be in everyone’s wardrobe because of its versatility and functionality. This leather item is not only beautiful, but it also adds an impeccable finish to your outfit.

Both men and women look great in a leather blazer, and its soft and protective feature is something everyone should experience. Although its cut and length may vary according to the manufacturer, the blazer usually has a moderately long style that fits the wearer.

Its basic features are extended lapels, side pockets, and three or four buttons at the part of the center. You can wear a leather blazer in many ways, but my perfect look for this leather piece is pairing it with jeans and gorgeous ankle leather boots.

Faux Leather Jacket

Faux leather jackets are just as cool as natural leather jackets. The major difference is that they’re made from leather alternatives instead of animal leather. It is usually a combination of plastics, wax, polyurethane, and dye to get a material that looks and feels like leather.

Faux leather jackets are durable and keep you warm and protected. They are also versatile as they serve various purposes and can pair well with other cloth items. This leather jacket is stylish, and both men and women can wear it.

You’ll find it in multiple colors the leather jackets tend to wear – black, brown, red, blue, and gray. The features include a center zipper, side pockets, and a regular collar.

Leather Coats

The leather coat’s extra coverage is its way of standing out from the rest. Both men and women can wear it to keep warm and protected from the elements. Although their lengths may differ, most leather coats extend beyond the hips to the knees or even the ankles.

It gives room for various personalities to express themselves and show their preference. Its features include: button closure at the center and extending downwards according to the coat’s length, regular collar, and side pockets.

The coat is comfortable to wear and comes in several colors, frequently in leather jackets – such as black, brown, white, beige, and tan. You can get a perfect look with this coat by pairing it with matching leather gloves.

Difference between Men and Women’s Leather Jackets

Men and women can exchange nearly all types of leather jackets, but if want to go precise; here are the main differences between men’s leather jackets and those for women.

Zippers and Buttons: most men’s jacket has zippers and buttons on the right side, while most women’s jackets have theirs on the left side.

Sizes: most men’s sizes are longer and larger than the sizes for women.

Colors: leather jackets for women come in more color variety than for men. The color for men is usually; dark colors like black, grey, tan, and brown, while that for women appear in colors like pink, white, red, orange, purple, tan, etc.

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How to Select the Right Leather Jacket for Me

Now, considering that we have various types and designs of leather jackets, it can be cumbersome to select the right one for you. I was once in that shoe until I understood it. So, here are my expert tips for choosing the right leather jacket for you.

Appearance: the first thing to consider when selecting a leather jacket is what feels comfortable. Do you think the long ones are cool, or prefer the short types?

For the short variety, bomber jackets, flight jackets, or biker jackets will work well for you. But if you’d rather go for something longer, a leather coat or blazer will work just fine.

Warmth and Comfort: how would you want to rock your leather jacket, and how warm do you want it to be? A leather blazer or bomber jacket prevents cold air and lets you wear an overcoat over your leather jacket.

But if you want your jacket mainly for looks, then you’re better off with a flight jacket or biker jacket.

Style: what style and look do you prefer? Something simple with little details? Or something more attention-grabbing with extra details?

If you belong to the former, then the bomber jacket and leather blazers will do. But if you love the extra details, you may like to go for the biker and moto jackets.

However, remember that whatever leather jacket you choose will need the correct maintenance to last a long time. For me, I ensure to clean the leather jackets properly, apply leather conditioner when necessary, and store the jackets the right way when not in use.

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How to Buy the Best Leather Jackets

There are lots of high-quality leather jackets out there. But here’s how I get the best ones.

Check the leather’s grain: As you already know, the best leather jackets are made using high-quality tight leather grain. The tight grain enables the leather to remain soft for a long time. So, I look out for the leather’s grain while choosing a jacket.

Top brands: There are about the top 10 leather jacket brands in the world, and they produce quality jackets for their customers. I usually buy from any of these trusted brands to ensure that I get the best.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q: What are the different styles of leather jackets?

There are modern varieties of leather jacket styles, but they’re under the leather types already mentioned above. They include; bomber jackets, moto jackets, flight jackets, leather blazers, leather coats, and biker jackets.

Q: Which type of leather is best for a jacket?

Indeed, there are different types of leather used in making leather jackets which might make one wonder which leather is the best. The best leather type for a jacket is the full grain of bison or cowhide – for a thick and long-lasting jacket.

The best for softer jackets with lighter weight is leather from goatskin. While the leather for very soft and lightweight jackets will be leather from calfskin or lambskin.

Q: What is a leather biker jacket called?

A leather biker jacket is more like a symbol in the world of leather jackets. It is usually the picture that comes to mind when talking about the classic leather jacket. A leather biker jacket is also called the double rider jacket.

Q: What is a quality leather jacket?

A quality leather jacket should be durable and made from a larger animal. Its finishing should show quality workmanship. Check for a good natural leather type that doesn’t feel too sleek and ensures that it fits well and gives you a general good feeling.

Q: Which jacket is the most popular?

Jackets don’t just help us keep warm, they are fashionable too. Some popular ones include denim jackets, bomber jackets, parkas jackets, overcoats, biker jackets, etc. However, denim and biker leather jackets seem to be the most popular.

Q: What is a bunny jacket?

A bunny jacket is a safety jacket made from oxford polyester that is coated and waterproof. It has removable sleeves and an inner fleece lining made with cotton to keep the wearer warm and comfortable. It’s a quality work garment that lasts for a long time.

Q: What is a Mac jacket?

A Mac jacket is a lightweight waterproof jacket made with a rubber fabric. It is short for Mackintosh and was sold for the first time in 1824 by Charles Macintosh. It has evolved but retains its water-repellent ability with improved performance.

Q: What is a Moto jacket?

Moto jackets are also called motorcycle jackets. The reason is that standard motorcycle jackets inspired their production. They are fashionable, lightweight, and softer than classic motorcycle jackets because they are designed for looks and not function. It features two packets, a front zip, and a small snap across its band collar.

Final Words

Leather jackets are effortlessly classy and should be in everyone’s wardrobe. However, its variety can make it confusing when trying to choose one. But this piece on types of leather jackets will help you to invest right in this wardrobe essential that can last several years.

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