Why Do Dogs Like Leather? An In-Depth Investigation

Leather is an attractive material that furry pets tend to find enticing as we do. As funny as this may sound, it is undeniable that dogs are either licking or chewing leather items around the house. Thus, one common question among canine pet owners is, “why do dogs like leather?”

Dogs licking leather can be attributed to several reasons, ranging from a compulsive disorder to the scent they perceive on such leather products. So, it is necessary to protect your leather wallets, leather clothing, and leather couch from dogs, alongside other artifacts.

A proper understanding of the underlying factors of why your pups keep tampering with your leather pieces would help in finding the best ways to safeguard such items. This guide will expose all you should know about the supposed “relationship” between dogs and leather.

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What Things Attach Dogs to Leather?

Dogs behave weirdly at times, and it can be pretty challenging to understand the rationale behind some of their actions. And when it comes to your precious leather items, you want to understand the sudden likeness your dogs have for them.

Don’t be frightened! First, leather is not poisonous and shouldn’t harm your pups if they bite it. However, large leather chunk consumption could obstruct your dog’s digestion. Also, you have to nurse the pain of the damage the dog causes to your leather piece.

So, what makes your dog attached to leather?

The primary reason behind these weird acts from dogs is their behavioral pattern. While puppies don’t learn the behavior of chewing leather from their masters, it seems like a common thing among the “pack.”

Hence, pups lick leather seats and items that belong to their owners to mark territory – the marking with saliva informs other dogs that may come around of your pet’s presence. Do you need more convincing theories that answer the question, “why does my dog like leather?” kindly read the section below for more intriguing details.

Why Do Dogs Like Leather?

Why is my dog licking the couch all of a sudden? Why do dogs like to chew leather? These and similar questions are common among pup owners. So, here are six common reasons why your dog may be attached to leather products.


One simple explanation behind dogs getting too close to your leather items is boredom – especially isolated pups, mostly kept in cages. Once you release such pets from confinement, they would go about licking and chewing various things to keep themselves entertained and familiar with the environment.

Thus, it would help if you considered offering your dog an alternative stimulation; it could be anything from a chew toy to a suitable game.

The Leather Tastes Like Food

Dogs could mistake leather for treats and tasty snacks, especially if the pet has not undergone proper home training. Also, if food crumbs lie in your leather shoes, or on pillows, cushion, and carpet, you will find your dog chewing its way through.

The Dog’s Mouth is Infested

A parasitic infestation of mites, fungus, and bacteria in your dog’s mouth can make it chew and lick everything in sight, including leather. This issue remains valid, especially if your dog has skipped a few recent checkups. So, it might be time to visit the vet to eliminate such parasitic infestations and free your leather from puppy attacks.

Traces of Urine or Feces

Pets often relax themselves on various house furniture on several occasions. You would also find dogs marking their territory by urinating on some spots. If your pup can smell its pee on your leather cushion, it will often lick this area as it perceives its natural scent.

Also, if your leather smells like poo or has some traces of fecal matter, it attracts the sense of smell of your dog, and it tries to obtain information by sniffing the piece. So, be sure to wipe feces and clean urine off leather couches and similar items as soon as possible.

An Obsessive Disorder

Not only humans suffer obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), but you can find your furry pets having such a compulsive disorder. If you notice your dog constantly chewing or licking leather items, it could be linked to a compulsive or obsessive disorder.

Kindly note that the dog’s obsession with leather could be a tool for handling stress and anxiety or linked to Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD).

If your dog has anxiety issues, take note of the environmental stressors and work on them. It could be loud noises, visitors, or a doorbell ringing. On the other hand, pups down with CCD have dementia and become addicted to licking things – so this can be linked to the question, “why is my dog licking everything all of a sudden?”

Gastrointestinal Disorder

Why do dogs lick furniture and carpets made from leather? It could also be due to certain gastrointestinal disorders. Studies have successfully linked this medical condition with excessive licking and even biting of items around the house, including leather pieces.

So, if various remedies to keep your pups away from your leather items prove abortive, it could be due to gastrointestinal disorders. Be sure to look out for further symptoms such as shock, excess drooling, and bloating. It’s time to book a visit with the vet for a quick examination.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why do dogs like to chew leather?

Dogs chew leather for various reasons, the first being that leather is thick and offers them an alluring sensation, especially while your pups are teething. Dogs chewing on leather during teething make them chew on everything in sight to help relieve their gums.

Also, dogs chewing on leather could be due to stress from loud noises or the presence of strangers. Perhaps the leather smells like urine or has some food crumbs lying around; these attract the pups to the leather. Finally, it could be a medical or psychological issue like gastrointestinal disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder – kindly book a visit to the veterinarian’s office.

Q: Why is my dog licking leather?

It seems like a common thing among dogs to lick surfaces and pee on them as they go about marking their territories. With such learned behavior, you would find this canine pet constantly licking your leather items to mark them as yours, informing other dogs that come around of their presence.

Q: Is leather okay for dogs?

Leather is an excellent material that isn’t poisonous to dogs. It is a durable piece that is an excellent option for making dog furniture. However, you may find dogs licking and chewing leather items around the home.

When your dog chews leather and doesn’t consume them, it’s okay and shouldn’t raise any health concerns. But, if the dog has consumed excess or large chunks of leather, it could obstruct the tract and cause some digestive issues.

Q: Do dogs like the smell of leather?

The smell of genuine leather appears enticing to pups, and their excellent sense of smell would always brings them to such leather pieces. The earthy smell of natural leather seems very likable to dogs.

Q: Do dogs eat leather couches?

Dogs can chew large chunks out of your leather couch and destroy such beautiful furniture sets in your home. Thus, this issue remains a significant concern for dog owners. Nevertheless, you can do a few things to keep your puppy pet away from such behavior.

First, good home training would go a long way in informing the dog that the couch is off-bound. Be sure to get a chew toy for your canine friends, as this helps keep them entertained and away from biting off the leather couch. You can also apply a dog deterrent on your leather sofa to keep dogs from it.

Q: Why do dogs carry shoes around the house?

Dogs possess a natural trait that makes them pick and carry things they find around, including shoes. This behavior is dated back to when these animals were in the wild, as they would often pick things and share among the rest of the pack in their lair.

Since these furry pets can perceive the smell of their owners, they would often carry their belongings (shoes inclusive) to them or take them around the house.

Q: Why does my dog get on the couch when I leave?

The couch is a friendly, comfortable, and cozy spot in the home, and your dog would want to rest on it whenever the need arises. Also, these pets know the cushion is reserved for their owners and want to sit there to feel loved.

But dogs could ruin your couch by passing urine or feces or scratching and chewing the material. Thus, you might want to learn an effective way to keep your pet off the couch.

Final Words

Dogs are fun pets prone to chewing and licking various things around them. From using their tongues to self-groom to licking their paws and showing their owners affection, you would notice your pups exhibiting some funny behaviors.

However, persistently finding your dog licking or chewing your leather items can be pretty challenging. So, why do dogs like leather? It could be due to several reasons, including boredom and stress. If your dog seems too attached to your leather couch, shoes, and pants, it will help to read this piece and learn the reasons behind such actions to help you solve this problem.

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