How to Make Leather Earrings – The Efficient Methods

Will you love to own a jewelry kit filled with beautifully crafted leather earrings? Leather earrings are quite easy to make and it is worth owning in your jewelry collection. The process just requires that you have some basic materials (supplies).

If you’ll love to own easy-to-make earrings, then you should read till the end to learn how to make leather earrings. We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide that’ll make the process easy.

How to Make Leather Earrings

To make leather earrings, there are certain materials you must have to make the earrings come out perfectly. Also, you must follow all the steps accordingly.

How to Make Leather Earrings

Materials equipment to Arrange:

  • Crepe paper
  • Earrings hooks (fish hooks)
  • A quality piece of leather
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Thumbtack or leather punch
  • Jump Rings
  • Cut Pattern
  • Sharpie


Trace the template patterns

It is very important to choose the shade for each layer of the earring. You could select pastel shades using pink and mint faux leathers with glitters. Plus, you can find many free leather earring patterns on YouTube and Pinterest.

You simply pick the size you want for each shade and trace the patterns of the template on the leathers you’ve selected.

Ensure you trace the patterns on the back of the faux leather. Besides, the backside of the faux leather is smooth and easy to trace and you won’t have to worry about the visibility of trace marks on the finished product.

Cut the patterns

Cut the traced teardrop earring patterns from the faux leather pieces using a sharp pair of scissors. Ensure you cut the edges carefully and smoothly.

Make holes on the patterns

Use a needle to pick one of the leather teardrop patterns that has been cut. Use the needle to poke a hole close to the top pointy end of the leather teardrop. Likewise, pick the remaining leather teardrop cut-outs and poke holes on the pointy end of each of them.

Attach jump rings

Insert a jump ring (either medium-sized or big) into the poked hole on the leather teardrop cut-out.

Attach all patterns

Pick up the leather teardrop pattern (medium-sized) and insert it into the front side of the big-sized one. Then, insert the small-sized leather cut-out to the front side of the medium-sized ones. Ensure you arrange the cut-outs beautifully.

Attach the earring hook

For this step, you’ll need a flat-nose plier. Put the earring hook together with the jump ring. Then, use your flat nose plier to tightly press down the jump ring.

Craft the other pair

Repeat the same steps to craft the other pair of earrings.


Q: What do you need to make leather earrings?

Interestingly, the materials you’ll need to make leather earrings are not difficult to find. As for the needful, you will need several equipment so that you can improvise to produce the beautiful leather earrings you need.

The basic materials and equipment you’ll need are:

  • A quality piece of leather
  • Earring hooks
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Thumbtack or leather punch
  • Jump Rings
  • Cut Pattern
  • Sharpie

Most importantly, when using the materials, ensure you follow the right steps and apply the right equipment efficiently so you don’t damage your earring cut-outs. Also, if you’re looking for how to make stamped leather earrings, you’ll need to get those materials.

Q: What machine do I need to make leather earrings?

A Cricut machine is the best for making leather earrings. The Cricut Explore Air 2, for instance, allows you to creatively create beautiful earring designs. Plus, you can also use the machine to make shirts too.

With this machine, you can create any shape of earrings you want and add as many layers as you want to the base of your earring material. To decorate your earring using this machine, you’ll have to use the heat transfer vinyl.

In addition, you should have a fair knowledge of how to paint leather just in case your leather earring wears off.

Q: How do you cut leather earrings?

The cutting stage is very delicate when you’re making leather earrings because if you cut the earring material carelessly, your earring will have a bad shape.

To cut your leather earring, flip the leather to be used to the backside. Place your shape on the leather and use a sharpie or pencil to slowly trace the shape on the leather.

After tracing the shape, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut out the shapes on the leather. Ensure you do this slowly to get a perfect cut.

Q: What leather do you use to make earrings with Cricut?

The best leather to use when making earrings with the Cricut machine is cowhide leather (with a semi-soft temper and a thickness of 2-3 oz). With this leather, you’ll be sure your earrings will be lightweight but not soft and floppy.

Nevertheless, you may decide to use leather with a thickness of up to 5 oz. It’s all your choice.

Additionally, other leather types you could use to make earrings with Cricut are faux leather, Cricut brand leather, and genuine leather.

Q: Can you use a Cricut to make leather earrings?

Definitely. To use a Cricut to make leather earrings, you’ll need materials such as a cutting mat, a Cricut machine, faux leather, scissors, earring hooks, leather punch, and jump lines.

When using a Cricut to make leather earrings, follow the steps below:

  • Open a design space
  • Import your desired image to cut out. Ensure you create as many copies of the earrings as you want. If you’ll be designing the back of the earrings, make sure you make copies.
  • Select all the images and flip to horizontal.
  • Configure the Cricut machine to custom dial.
  • Go to the software and select ‘make it.’ Choose the earring material, go to settings, and then, cut.
  • Then, attach the earring hooks.

Q: How do you make leather earrings by hand?

Asides from using a Cricut machine, you can make leather earrings by hand. All you need is just the basic materials for making leather earrings. It’ll interest you to know that you can change the leather color of your earring.

Here’s how to make leather earrings without Cricut. First, cut out your desired earring pattern. Then, trace the pattern carefully onto the back of the leather. Use a pair of scissors to neatly cut out the leather. When you’re done with that, use a punch to poke holes on the pointy ends of the earrings. Attach the jump lines and earring hooks. That’s the end, you have your leather earrings beautifully hand-crafted. You could add it to your leather earrings-DIY kit.

Q: How do you poke holes in leather earrings?

All you need is a leather punch. Even though you can set your Cricut machine to poke holes on the leather while cutting it, it’s preferable to use a punch. Using a punch will help you control the spacing and size of the holes on the earrings.

Leather punches are of different sizes, and you can adjust them. All you need to do is set it to the size you want and use it to poke holes on the top end of your earrings.

how to make leather earrings without cricut

Q: How do you make double-sided faux leather earrings?

If your faux leather earrings are thin, it’s best to double-line them. Faux leather most likely folds up often, so gluing two leather earrings together is a perfect way to prevent the earring from twisting or folding up. If you’re looking for how to make leather earrings stiff, then, making it double-sided is your best bet.

To make double-sided faux earrings, make four earrings at once for one pair. If you’re using a Cricut machine, open a design space and create the front pair of your earrings. Then, click on the earrings and tap on ‘duplicate’.

When that is done, click on the duplicated earrings and select ‘flip’. Then, cut them.

The next question that’ll probably be on your mind is: “What do you put on the back of faux leather earrings?”.  You can use E6000 to glue the earrings together. It is very important that you know how to glue leather to leather so you don’t mess up your earring designs. After the glue dries up, use a leather punch to poke holes in the earrings and insert your earring hooks.

Wrap Up

It’s often said that: “looking good is good business”. Adding a pair of leather earrings to your jewelry kit won’t be a bad idea. It’ll be a perfect complement to your other fashion accessories. We’ve made it easy for you by compiling a simple guide on how to make leather earrings.

Make yours, wear them, and keep looking good. If you’re still finding it difficult to make yours, you can search for how to make leather earrings on YouTube for a DIY leather earrings template.

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