How to Make Leather Bracelets- The Pro Methods

Leather bracelets are trending in the fashion industry. Making bracelets from different leather types is an ancient handicraft, and this cultural heritage has been on for many generations.

Even in recent times, this accessory gives folks a perfect look for casual or dressy occasions. Thus, it is a great idea to learn how to make leather bracelets, as you can easily customize a design that suits your style.

There are endless combinations, and you can pair leather cords of different colors with other adorning items to create an outstanding piece. So, grab your leather bracelet-making kit, and follow the steps in this guide.

Supplies Needed for Making Leather Bracelets

While the basic tool needed for leather bracelet making is a strip of leather, here are some other supplies that you would need.

  • Measuring tape
  • Masking tape
  • Side cutters
  • Beading needle
  • Flat jewelry pliers
  • Scissors
  • Tread burner
  • Embroidery string
  • Jump rings
  • Button
  • Beads
  • Clipboard

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3 Ways of Making Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelet making is a common trend amongst DIYers, and this fun-filled project has various hacks that you should try. With many outstanding designs and different embellishments, you can follow these effective methods below to create stylish leather wrist adornments.

Leather Beaded Bracelet

Beaded leather bracelets are quite common and surprisingly easy to make. Kindly follow these steps to make one.

  • Get your Supplies: The main things you need for making a beaded leather bracelet include leather strips and beads with sizable holes. You can easily find these things in most craft stores.
  • Prep the Leather: Measure the leather chord, and cut out two strands using a scissor. The length of the leather strips should be enough to cover your wrist. So, you may want to wrap each strand across your wrist, add a few inches, and cut.
  • Knot the Leather Ends: Create a knot at one end, tying both strands together. Then, tape the knotted area on your work tabletop to make the process easy.
  • Pass the Other Leather Piece through the Bead: Pass the first leather strip through the hole of one bead, ensuring it gets to the knot base. Then, slide the second leather strand through the bead hole to create a loop.
  • Add More Beads: After making a secured loop for the first bead, repeat the process while adding more beads until you find the bracelet long enough to wrap your wrist completely.
  • Finish Off: Once you add beads, knot the other end of the leather strips, remove the tape holding the piece, and tie both tails together.

Braided Leather Bracelet

Gather Your Materials: You can make a successful braid with three leather strands. So, you can buy the leather chords from craft stores-it can be thin or thick leather.

Cut the Leather Strips and Knot them: Measure and cut out three leather strands that are long enough to wrap around your wrist. Take the three leather strings together and create a simple knot at one end.

Braid: The braiding style is similar to that employed in hair making;

  • Set the right strip over to the left
  • Then take the left strip across that in the center
  • Move the center strip over the one now lying on the left
  • Take the one now lying in the center over the right strip, and follow the pattern to get a long braid

Complete the Bracelet: After achieving the desired length (once that can wrap your wrist) of braiding, smooth out the piece and flatten the braids. Then, secure the leather strands with a knot, and tie both ends of the bracelet together.

Leather Tassel Bracelet

  • Make Ready Your Materials: For the basics, you would need a suede leather string and embroidery strings, four jump rings (7mm size), and a lobster claw clasp.
  • Cut the Leather: The size of the leather strip you cut would depend on your wrist size. Measure your wrist, and multiply the resulting figure by four. Then, cut the leather strip accordingly.
  • Fold the Strips: Move further to fold the leather strips four times. You might want to place the folded strip on your wrist to see how it fits. While both ends of the strip should not touch, you should check if the strip is too long and trim.
  • Place Jump Rings: Unfold the leather strip, place a jump ring, and fold in two. Then, feed another jump ring and fold further to create “four-folds.” While there are four leather strings, pull each jump ring to both ends.
  • Knot: Tie each end with embroidery floss, creating a double knot.
  • Make the Tassel: For making the tassel, cut three leather strings (4 ½ inches each), feed a large jump ring through them, and fold the strips into two. Knot the end with the jump ring with an embroidery string.
  • Complete the Bracelet: Attach the tassel to one end of the bracelet with another jump string, and affix the lobster claw clasp to the other end of the bracelet.

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Q: How do you make a leather band bracelet?

Begin the process by getting a good and stretchy leather material. Simply cut your leather finished material in sizable lengths and widths. Then, attach steel button snaps to both ends to make it sit perfectly across your wrist. You can further design the piece using a suitable stamping kit.

Q: How do you make custom leather bracelets?

There are various options open for folks interested in making customized leather, and they include embossing, engraving, stamping, and the use of circuits. Thus, before you engage in such a project, it would be best to learn how to make stamped leather bracelets and engrave custom designs on the leather piece.

Q: How do you make leather adjustable bracelets?

But, knowing how to make a leather bracelet with an adjustable cord would make the process easy. Start by getting a strip of 1.5mm leather, cut to length according to your wrist size, and cut into two equal sizes. For the embellishments, attach a ravioli crystal to a patina foil using glue, and set it aside.

Pass the leather string across the connector of the attached ravioli crystal, and make a complex knot using a tiny metal tube.

Trim the excess leather on the other side of the leather to leave a single strand. Repeat the “attaching step” for the second leather half and pass both leather ends through a small ring. Seal each end with little crimp ends, and your bracelet is ready.

Q: How do you make fake leather bracelets?

Whether as a complementary accessory for your dress or a gift for a friend, faux leather bracelets are quite beautiful. If you are keen on making such embellishment, start by gathering your supplies; faux leather, iron chrome, and snaps for closure.

Cut the leather according to the desired length (one that goes around your wrist) and width. Then, make a suitable design on the piece with a Cricut machine. Attach the iron chrome to the faux leather by applying heat. Once it cools down, attach two snaps on both ends of the bracelet.

Q: How do you make a leather bracelet without a clasp?

The easiest way to make a leather bracelet without a clasp is by creating a clean knot, tying both ends together. However, it may seem challenging to wear such a piece, pushing across your palms to your wrist if they are not stretchable.

Q: How do you weave a leather bracelet?

Weaving a leather bracelet is pretty easy, and you can follow the simple style employed in braiding hair. Lay three measured leather strings, attached at one end, and start braiding;

  • Take the strip on the right and place it over to the left
  • Move the “now” middle strip across that in the right
  • Move the center strip over to the left, and follow the pattern to get a long braid

Q: How do you make a twist bracelet?

Get two cords of leather cut appropriately, according to your wrist’s measurement. Place both together, and create a knot at one end. Tape that ends onto your work surface to make the process less rigorous.

Then, pass each string towards the left side: start with the right cord, throw it over the left leather strand, take the “now” right strand (formerly left), and pass it over to the left. Continue this pattern till you get towards the end of the piece. Once done, knot the other end and tie both ends or add clasps to finish the bracelet.

Q: How do you make a three-strand braided bracelet?

As the name implies, you need three equal leather strands knotted together at one end. Then, move further to start braiding, following the same pattern employed in hair making.

Please start with the left leather string, cross it over the middle one, and pass the right strand across the new middle string. Follow this pattern diligently until you braid up to the desired length. Knot this other end securely and affix a snap to the bracelet to create a closure.

How to make a braided leather bracelet without a snap? Tie both ends together to complete the bracelet.

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Wrap Up

Leather bracelets are popular right now, and there are various styles when it comes to making such an accessory. Even better, if you can take on this DIY project and make a bracelet yourself.

Thus, knowing how to make a leather bracelet is pretty important. So, whether you are keen on learning how to make a leather bracelet for a man or woman, you can follow the tips provided in this article.

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