What to Wear With Leather Pants?

Leather pants are a must-have for every wardrobe, especially today, where personal styling reigns. However, when it comes to styling, what to wear with leather pants is a difficult one for many.

Surprisingly, they are easy to pair. You can rock them with heels and a blouse for a night out or a tee and sneakers for casual outings. It goes with just about anything. Moreover, you can try different shades and wear them in all seasons. To guide you on the right path, we will cover everything you need to know about styling leather pants to perfection.

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How to Style Leather Pants

2023 is bringing back the leather pants in full force. Now is the perfect time to experiment with trendy options from black to brown and walk out in style. Whether you’re looking for a casual daytime look or a dressy evening ensemble, here’s a list of leather pant styles to make you stand out.

Leather Pants and Blazers

When it comes to pairing leather pants with a blazer, it’s key to make sure that the pants are in top condition for a perfect fit. A classic way to style this look is by opting for a neutrally tailored color, such as black or navy blue, which goes with a crisp white shirt.

Alternatively, you can opt for an oversized blazer in a bold or bright color. This combo fits into the trend, especially when paired with a graphic t-shirt and cool sneakers. Finish off with accessories like a belt to cinch in the waist and a classic pump or heels to look taller.

Leather pants with color

Styling your leather pants with popping colors works if you are up for a bold look. It can also boost the mood around you and make you appear more playful. A solid color top will make a fashion statement, while a printed one will add some texture. You can also do different color combos, such as a colorful sweater over a white shirt. If daring is your thing, go for the black leather pants and red top combo. They are good wardrobe investment that blends with all color.

However, if you don’t fancy attention and just need a touch of color, you can accessorize with a bright-colored belt, scarf, or bag that complements your pants.

Leather pants with denim

Looking for what to wear with leather pants for a night out? Denim is a game changer for a casual or a night outing. Black is always a safe bet, but you can experiment with other colors.

Style high-waist leather pants with a tucked-in denim shirt. Then slip on a pair of comfortable flats, such as suede leather boots, to finish off.  You can also mix and match with different pieces until you find the perfect combo that makes you look like an icon.

Leather pants with monochrome

Monochrome comes to the rescue if you to eliminate worries about color combo clashing and get dressed in a breeze. Combine black leather pants with a bold tank top to create a bold look. Imagine how the black leather tank top would look tucked into the pants, showing off your figure and giving the outfit a rocker-chic vibe.

Alternatively, you try a modern style with a white shirt or a cashmere sweater for a laidback vibe. Add a leather belt at the waist to contrast, then step out in a pair of black boots or white sneakers.

Smart Leather Pant Ideas

Denim Shirt with Dark Leather Trousers

This outfit works for both a casual day out with friends and a dinner party. It’s the perfect balance of casual and edgy while making good wear to keep warm and light.

If you like to experiment, you can try different shades of denim and leather to create different looks. Pairing with a light-wash denim shirt, for example, will make you look more relaxed. Finish off with simple accessories, and you’ll be just fine.

Sporty Jacket or Fleece with Classic Black Leather

The key to pulling off this look is to opt for looser pant silhouettes such as straight-leg, flared, or other loose styles. Go for color-block fleeces or zip-ups over sweatshirts, as they are more polished and add a touch of sophistication. Keep the outfit modern with pointy-toe shoes or white sneakers. For personality, you can also add a pop of color to the look by carrying a cross-body bag or clutch.

Button-Down Shirt with Straight-Leg Trousers and Ankle Boots

Knowing what to wear with leather pants as a female is not easy, but with this combo, you can make it work. The straight-leg cut of the pants, in any color, blends with a white shirt. Make it even more fire by rocking boots in a contrasting color, like white snakeskin booties with black pants. That way, you’ll look like a total fashion icon.

Colorful Leather with Matching Sweater

Bold colors like green, red, or purple hues colors are great for this look. But if you just want to keep it simple, a matching sweater or even a plain T-shirt works. Tuck in your top if the pants are loose-fitting, or use a French tuck or leave it loose if they’re slimmer in the cut. Complete the look with neutral sneakers or heels, and add statement accessories if you wish. Remember to have fun and walk with confidence.

Blazer with a T-shirt and High-Waist Pants

Not sure what to wear with male leather pants? You can join the blazers and leather pants train. It’s been gaining popularity in the professional world, and it’s not about to slow down. You only need a black blazer, a button-down shirt, and shoes to create the office vibe. When it’s the weekend, you can swap out the button-down shirt or blouse for a simple T-shirt and step out in sneakers.

Textured Knit and Pants with Patterned Shoes

A chunky sweater or a knit turtleneck is a great option when it comes to figuring out how to wear leather pants in winter. These tops can boost your confidence, especially when the pants have a ribbed or croc-embossed design. You can also add a patterned shoe, such as a leopard print pump or a snakeskin boot, to make the color pop. With winter weather in mind, you can finish off with a coat or a scarf to keep warm.

Solid Pastels or Bright Shades with Dark-Hued Leather

Dark neutrals like black, brown, and navy leather pants are a great base to wear with brighter tops, shoes, and accessories. The combo creates an interesting look. A good example is chocolate brown leather pants paired with a pistachio green top and a hot pink accessory. The contrast between the dark neutral leather and the bright colors creates a balanced outfit that is perfect for both spring and summer.

Cropped Grunge Sweater with Leather Pants and Sneakers

Grunge is a comeback from the ’90s style trend and a fun way to step out. Add some edge by going for slim leather pants, as they will be more flattering and easier to style than baggy pants. If you wish, you can rock a cropped sweater. Either way, the combo of both creates a cool outfit. Chunky sneakers with a retro feel or patterned feel can add a pop of color to emphasize your outfit.

Colorful Leather with White and Beige Basics

Great choice to pick out those olive green or lilac purple leather pants. To keep the rest of your outfit minimal, go for solid and light colors. This will give your pants the spotlight they deserve. And for an even more polished look, try polished and tailored pieces like crewneck tees, trench coats, and simple flats instead of loose or tight clothes.

Oversize Sweater with Jogger-Style Pants and Loafers

This may not seem like a popular choice, but when paired correctly, it can make you stand out. To pull off this look, it’s best to go for quality materials like leather or cashmere. That said, while styling because of the sweater size, to maintain shape, you can either show a little skin by rolling up the sleeves or opt for cropped pants. Moreover, if you’re unsure of what to wear with leather pants plus size, it’s best to opt for a top that is not too tight and choose a shoe that gives a little bit of height.

Graphic tee with fitted leather pants

If you have leather pant that fits like a glove, you can try the street vibe. Depending on your personality, you can opt for a band tee or something that references your pop culture. Then try on a pair of trendy sneakers, and there you are, good, all good, and looking chic.

Brown leather pants with a plaid coat

Brown leather pants and plaid are having the moment, especially during winter. Rather than wear them with random colors, make sure the brown shades match the colors in the plaid coat to create a matching tone. You can add a little more balance by opting for a neutral-colored white or grey shirt. Finish off with boots or soft belts in a similar brown shade and step out looking stylish.

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Q: What do you style leather pants with?

There is no one-way rule to styling leather pants. It all depends on the look you want to create. If you are going formal, a tucked-in silk blouse or button with dress shoes or heels works. On the flip side, a simple t-shirt or denim with sneakers is perfect for a casual or weekend hang out. Accessories are also important. Necklaces and earrings can make your face sparkle. And if you want your waist to look more defined, you can try on a belt.

Q: What tops go well with leather pants?

Leather pants are having a moment in 2023. Whether you have brown, black, or dark pants, you can rock them with different tops to look smart and chic. Here are some ideas on tops to wear with leather pants:

  • Simple: A basic white or black tee or button-down shirt in a solid color or subtle pattern works to create a simple look.
  • Texture: Pair leather pants with a chunky knit sweater or gauge sweater to create a smooth.
  • Contrast: Flowery chiffon top or silk top works to create a balance between the hard and soft tones.
  • Color pop: You can go for red, blue, or any other brightly colored top.
  • Adventurous: Go for leather leggings with high-waist leather pants or an off-the-shoulder top to add edge to your look.

Q: What Do I wear with leather pants to a party?

If for a party, it’s okay to look glammed up. A blouse, a silk top, or a sequin top would work with tight black leggings. For shoes to wear, try on strap heels and grab a clutch purse to add a feminine touch. You can wear a blazer with your outfit if it’s a formal party. This would make you feel bolder and add some edge to your look.

Q: Are leather pants in style for 2022?

Leather pants are a wardrobe staple that never falls out of trend. They are widely accepted by both the young, classic, and stylish and continue to evolve with new shades, cuts, and designs to suit modern style. Although personal style determines if a jacket is considered fashionable. One thing is sure, and leather pants be a timeless choice.

Q: What shade of jeans is in style for 2022?

Light wash and faded denim continue to top the chart. People love them more because they are great for a casual everyday look. Neutral shades like beige, cream, and light grey are also in style. You can pair them with a variety of colors to create different styles. On the flip side, people who love to look professional are opting for dark-wash denim. Alongside button-up shirts and blazers, they create a professional look.

Q: What pant styles are in for 2022?

Leather pants have continued to make their way into a trend in different shapes and colors over the years. If you were unsure what to wear with leather pants in 2022, some styles running the waves are:

  • Wide-leg pants: The relaxed, flowing silhouette makes it cool for a casual, stylish look.
  • Straight-leg pants: Widely loved by chic who want to look polished.
  • High-waist pants: These pants are popular for the natural waistline that creates a flattering silhouette.
  • Cropped pants: Short-length pants that are great for showing off your shoes.
  • Leggings: Ladies’ favorite. They are tight-fitting and can be worn to parties, sports, or casual outings.

Q: Are leather pants in style in 2023?

Leather pants have been in style for decades as they are versatile wear. You can spot them on many celebrities, rockstars, and fashion models in different styles, from punk and rock to high fashion and luxury. Moreover, one reason why they are in high demand is their quality and durability. They give a cool feel to any outfit and can be a more subtle addition of texture and richness.

Bottom Line

To achieve a confident look, the key is to always go for something you feel comfortable in. You can try out casual, street style, or professional, depending on your mode and the occasion. Ensure to also check out all the combos above on what to wear with leather pants to create an elegant and sleek look.

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