How to Remove Creases from Leather Shoes – 4 Efficient Methods

A few days ago, I brought one of my favorite leather shoes. But before long, I became displeased at the sight of visible creases appearing on it with my constant use of the shoe. However, I didn’t feel helpless because I knew how to remove creases from leather shoes and make them look smooth again.

So, I set out to work on it while following the necessary steps. I brought out all the required items and ensured I handled the shoes carefully while working on them. There! My favorite shoes were almost as good as new, and I thought to share these steps here with you. Who knows, you may need it too.

how to prevent creases in shoes

Why Do Leather Shoes Crease?

Before we talk about removing creases from shoes or how to stop leather shoes from creasing, let’s look at first things first. “Are creases in leather shoes normal”? Yes, it is normal to find wrinkles appearing on your leather footwear as you’ve worn it for some time, no matter the leather quality.

When we begin wearing a leather boot or shoe, the leather breaks in with time thereby becoming softer and taking the shape of our feet. This leather stretching makes the shoe more comfortable on the feet, and you wear it more often.

As you wear the shoes often, some of their parts become stressed when you walk, run, kneel, or squat to pick something from the floor. With time, creases appear on the parts of your shoe that are most twisted and stressed.

Other reasons why creases appear on leather shoes include:

  • Shoes that don’t fit your feet so well. The extra spaces in the shoes cause your foot to apply more pressure on the footwear as you move.
  • Insufficient room for the toes to move freely. The lack of enough space at the toe area affects its springing action and adds much pressure to the shoes during movement.
  • Improper storage. When shoes are not in use and you store them without support, such as shoe trees or old newspaper, wrinkles may start showing up.

Note that all leather types can develop creases. However, it is best to buy shoes made of full-grain leather as they can withstand more use than low-quality leather that can show creases easily.

how to remove creases from leather shoes without iron

How to Remove Creases from Leather Shoes – Step-by-Step Guide

Now that we’ve seen what could cause creases, here are some ways I found to remove creases from leather boots or shoes.

First Method: Removing Creases from Leather Shoes with Iron

The use of flat iron is one common way of removing creases and wrinkles from leather shoes. It is an effective method, but you should be extra careful to avoid damaging the shoe beyond repair.

What You Need

  • Old newspaper/sheets of white tissue paper
  • An iron
  • A clean white towel
  • A leather conditioner

Steps to Follow

  • Crumple the old newspapers or white tissue paper and stuff them into the shoe to hold its shape. Please ensure you fill them tightly to get a good result.
  • Set the iron between 60° to 80°.
  • Get a clean towel and make it damp but not soaked. You can wring out the excess water to ensure it’s only moist.
  • Now, fold the damp towel into two and place it on the creased area of the shoe.
  • Start ironing the towel on the crease for some seconds until the wrinkles begin smoothening. You can lift the towel at intervals to check how the shoe is doing, then continue ironing.

Note: If you notice any damage because of the heat, please stop ironing immediately. Also, note that you can make the iron wet again when it begins to dry out. Please, don’t iron the leather when the towel is dry.

  • After ironing, remove the towel and the newspapers or tissues used for stuffing the shoe. Replace the newspapers with a shoe tree to keep the shoe’s shape and leave it to dry.
  • Apply a leather conditioner to the shoe to restore its oil.

Note: If you don’t have a shoe tree, you can leave the newspapers in the shoe while leaving it to dry.

Second Method: Removing Creases from Leather Shoes with Hairdryer

I know that a hairdryer is for drying the hair, but who says it can’t help you get those annoying wrinkles off your leather shoes? This method requires more carefulness because it involves direct heat. But if you’re looking for how to remove creases from leather shoes without iron, this hairdryer-method works.

What You’ll Need

  • A shoe tree/old newspaper
  • A hand-held hairdryer
  • Leather conditioner or oil

Steps to Follow

  • Crumple the old newspapers, and stuff the shoe with it or insert the shoe tree.
  • Set the hairdryer on low but hot enough to warm the leather. Then pass it over the creased area for some seconds at about 8 inches distance.
  • Stop passing the dryer and gently massage the creases as the leather has become soft.
  • Repeat the heat application and massaging until the creases reduce considerably.
  • Leave the crumpled newspapers or shoe tree inside the shoe while allowing it to cool down.
  • Then, apply some leather oil or conditioner to the shoe to restore its oil and avoid drying out because of the heat.

Note: Please, if there’re shoelaces, remove them before applying the heat in the first and second methods to help you access the creases better. Remember to keep the laces safe because most are not leather materials.

Third Method: Removing Creases from Leather Shoes with Leather Conditioner

The leather conditioner you have at home can also help remove creases from your favorite leather shoe. I usually use this method if the creases just started appearing and are still easy to manage.

The conditioner restores moisture to the leather material and lets you smoothen the creased part by massaging it.

What You’ll Need

  • Old newspapers or shoe tree
  • A good leather conditioner

Steps to Follow

  • Crumple some old newspapers and stuff the shoe with them or insert shoe trees.
  • Get a shoe conditioner containing natural oils such as almond, olive, or coconut oil and beeswax and apply some quantity of it to the creased part of the shoe.
  • Massage the leather with your fingers until the creases smoothen out.
  • Air-dry the shoes with the newspapers or shoe trees for several hours before wearing them.

Fourth Method: Removing Creases from Leather Shoes by Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can help remove creases in leather shoes or boots, especially for old wrinkles that have been there for a long while.

What You’ll Need

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Water
  • A spray bottle
  • Shoe stretchers

Steps to Follow

  • Pour a part of water and that of rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and mix thoroughly.
  • Spray some of the solutions on the creased area.
  • Massage gently to work the solution into the leather.
  • Put the shoe stretchers into the shoes. It’ll stretch them and cause the creases to smoothen out.
  • Allow the shoes to dry on the stretchers until their use.

How to Avoid Creases in Leather Shoes

While we can remove creases when they happen, they are also avoidable to a large extent. So, I’ll share some tips to help prevent creases in your leather shoes for a long time. Some of them are:

  • Clean your leather shoes often, and use a soft shoe brush to remove grit.
  • Use good leather conditioners and apply them as often as possible, especially after exposing the shoe to wetness.
  • Employ shoe crease protectors.
  • Always let your leather shoes air-dry at regular.
  • Store the shoes with stuffed old papers or shoe trees when you’re not using them. Doing so will help it to retain its shape and avoid creases.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How do I avoid shoe creasing while walking?

One of the ways you can avoid creasing as you walk is by watching your walk pattern. It will help if you consciously try not to bend down and twist so much because it causes creases in your shoes. Also, ensure your toes have enough space while walking to reduce the pressure it puts on the footwear.

How can I stop my leather boots from creasing?

No one likes having creased leather boots, especially the ones with visible wrinkles. The good news is that you can stop the creases with the help of shoe trees. Get some shoe trees that are the same size as the boots and place them in the footwear when they’re not in use. It’ll help to keep the boot’s original shape.

Can I iron my leather shoes to remove creases?

Yes, you can. An indirect application of low heat from an iron can help to smoothen creases from leather shoes and make them look good again. However, it’s necessary to take extra care and avoid ironing the leather directly. Instead, place a wet towel on the stuffed shoe and iron the towel on low heat.

The heat will soften and uncrease the leather. Allow the shoes to dry on a shoe tree, then apply a quality conditioner to avoid dryness.

What causes my shoes to crease easily?

One major cause of easy creasing in shoes is wearing shoes that don’t fit right. The lack of fit means there are spaces, especially at the toe area. The extra room causes the toe to put extra pressure when you walk and makes the leather crease. The solution is to always go for shoes that fit your feet rightly.

Final Words

Leather shoes are not just fashionable, they’re classic fashion item that completes your look effortlessly. But it loses its wow effect when those creases begin to appear. Not to worry, you can deal with this challenge using the methods shown here on ‘how to remove creases from leather shoes.’

The methods are easy as they have a simple step-by-step guide that will enable you to remove the creases and make your leather shoes look smooth again.

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