How to Get Pen Out Of Leather

Have you ever had ink stains from pen on any of your leather products? This experience can be quite terrible, as even the slightest stain on leather pieces can damage the overall appearance. Thus, it would help if you learn how to get pen out of leather products to help solve such a depressing situation.

Leather products are great, and those with high quality are excellent and can improve a home’s aesthetics and create a lasting fashion statement. Whether leather shoes or leather handbags, they come out great and are quite handy. The leather furniture is not left out, as it provides excellent comfort and can be very durable.

However, leather products require great care, and with a stain on them, they may appear unappealing. How do you remove ballpoint pen from leather is one of the common questions asked, as people use a pen daily. So, whether there is an ink spill from the pen, staining your purses or getting on your leather couch while writing, it would help if you get them off.

How to Get Pen Out Of Leather Step By Step Guide

Getting started on how to clean leather can be quite challenging when you lack the proper knowledge, and you are trying to get tough stains off. When it comes to stains from a pen, they can create an unattractive look on your leather piece. Again, employing the wrong means in getting them off can damage your leather products entirely. Thus, we’ve provided you with this guide on how to get biro pen off leather.

Step One: Employing a Saddle Soap

Saddle soap is excellent for removing stains from leather, and they come with a great formulation that keeps the leather products protected. With excellent ingredients such as lanolin and glycerin, the leather piece appears rehydrated after use. It can come handy and help you get started on how to get pen out of the leather couch.

  1. Get a soft wet sponge or white rag
  2. Apply some saddle soap on the pen stained area
  3. Then, rub mildly using the soft sponge or rag

Step Two: Removing Ink Stains with Alcohol

Employing alcohol on biro ink-stained leather products can quickly get the pen off, and doing so sooner can help get it out quickly. Here is how to get pen stains out of leather using alcohol.

  1. Get some rubbing alcohol and cotton balls
  2. Wetting a cotton ball, apply the rubbing alcohol on the stained areas
  3. Apply and rub gently in a circular motion
  4. Allow the alcohol to stay on the piece for about 10 minutes, and the stains would disappear gradually

Note: applying the alcohol on the leather would help if you first conduct a stain test. Apply the alcohol on stains on a hidden part of the leather to determine how well this method would work. Also, as you apply the rubbing alcohol, you should try not to scrub the leather.

Step Three: Use a Suitable Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Having pen stains on your leather products would help if you get a suitable leather cleaner and apply it on the stains. The best leather cleaners come formulated to be compatible with various leather types, and ensure that your leather piece remains protected.

They are easy to apply and can get stains off the leather. After cleaning off the stain, you can make the leather piece appear great using some leather conditioner. This act would help make the product look anew and keep it durable. You can comfortably find these in various stores as a stand-alone product or get them from leather repair kits.

Step Four: Using Ink Removers

Are you searching for how to get pen out of a leather purse or other leather products? Well, there is some excellent ink removing products available in stores that are quite effective. They come formulated with non-toxic ingredients that have great strength for removing pen ink stains.

Suitable for delicate materials, they can ensure the leather does not get damaged during the cleaning process. One such effective product is the Amodex Ink remover, and you can quickly apply some on stains and get them off.

Step Five: Using Magic Eraser

Will magic eraser remove ink from leather? This question is common among leather product owners. Well, this product can remove ink stains, as you apply it to the affected area. Formulated with melamine foam, they can help get tricky stains off. Get one and dampen the tip, and start rubbing it against the stains.

Alternatively, you can make use of a nail polish remover (non-acetone based), hairspray, and some mild liquid soap. Apply them gently on the ink-stained areas can help get those stains out. Does WD 40 remove ink from leather? Using WD 40 may help get ink stains out but you should try to get the excess grease out of the leather after its application. A suitable leather cleaning would help.


  • Before you try removing pen stains from any leather product, try to determine if you are working with a finished or naked leather
  • Fathom out the extent of the stain
  • Go through the care instruction from the leather manufacturer
  • Try not to use harmful products, as they may end up damaging your leather. One of the best ways to get pen off faux leather and even genuine leather is to use products that would cause damage to the end.


How do you remove ballpoint pen from leather sofas?

Removing ballpoint pen stains from your leather couch can be relatively easy if you use efficient products. You can effectively clean the stains off using a suitable leather cleaner and applying a leather conditioner afterwards.

Saddle soap or Isopropyl alcohol can also help, and you can apply them using a soft rag or cotton balls respectively. Alternatively, you can get a good ink stain remover that would work right.

How do you remove ballpoint pen from leather purse?

You can use rubbing alcohol by applying it in a circular motion on the affected area using a cotton ball. Then allow the alcohol to sit on the leather purse for a short while; you would notice the stains disappearing. You can apply some cleaner and conditioner for leather products to remove any remaining stains on the leather purse.

Does WD 40 remove ink from leather?

WD 40 is one of the unproven products that is said to remove stains from leather. However, many persons keep attesting to its effective stain removing capabilities. You can apply some on the stained leather and rub gently. You can keep doing this until the pen stain is gone. Then, try removing any excess grease using a soft cloth soaked in mild soapy water.

Does vinegar remove ink from leather?

Vinegar can serve as a homemade leather cleaning and ink removing agent, as a mixture of vinegar and olive oil can help get stains off leather products. Mix both in a spray bottle, and spray sparsely on the ink-stained area. Let is remain there for about five minutes, and wipe it off gently.

Does baking soda remove ink?

Yes. The use of baking soda for ink stains is one of the most simple solutions; make a mixture or paste of baking soda and water. Apply the paste on the stained area using a cotton ball, rubbing gently to ensure the ink stain does not spread across the entire surface. Do this repeatedly until the ink stains become invisible.

Does milk remove ink stains from leather?

Yes. If you are searching for how to get pen off leather shoes or other leather products, you can easily use milk in getting these stains off. For a more effective ink stain remover, you should try to use a mixture of milk and vinegar. Search for the stains on the leather and apply the mixture. Allow it to stay on the leather for a while and wipe off with a cloth.

Can Coke remove ink stains?

Using Coca Cola can help get ink stains off various materials, as soaking the ink-stained area directly with Coke can help fight the stain. Apply on the stained surface and allow it to sit for a while. Then, gently rub off, and the stain would become invisible.

Does lemon remove ink stains?

Yes. Using lemon mixed with some salt can help you get ink off some surfaces, and they can serve as an inexpensive ink removing method. Mix some lemon juice with some parts of salt. Then, apply the mixture on the stained area and wait for the stain to disappear. You can also get a mild laundry detergent to clean that spot afterwards.

3 Ways To Remove Pen Stain From Leather YouTube

Final Words

Ink stains from a pen can cause an unruly appearance on leather products, and you should employ great care in trying to get those stains off. Whether these stains are on your leather car seats or any leather piece would help if you get them off quickly. Some excellent options include the use of leather cleaners and conditioners, alcohol, ink remover, and magic eraser.

But, please ensure that you don’t make use of harsh products that would damage the leather. Learn how to get pen out of leather, and effectively remove such stains from your leather.

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