How to Clean Natuzzi Leather – Two Smart Hacks

If you’re lucky to own a piece of Natuzzi furniture, you already know the luxury feel coming with it. The company produces some of the world’s finest leather after numerous tests to evaluate its quality in impact, sunlight, friction, and regular wear and tear.

But the beauty comes with the responsibility of keeping it clean and in shape. A regular cleaning routine not only prevents dryness but cracks over time. Unfortunately, I see many doing it the wrong way. Some buy toxic cleaners that are harmful to the health and the leather materials. For others, they don’t even have the right approach to cleaning.

This article goes over the basics of cleaning Natuzzi leather. I’ll walk you through getting the right home supplies to some nifty hacks for maintaining and cleaning your Natuzzi leather like a pro.

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What is Natuzzi Leather?

Natuzzi Leather is a brand of high-quality Italian leather furniture. Its founder Pasquale Natuzzi founded the company in 1959 to cater to people who love luxury and comfort.

It has yet to back down in quality, maintaining 100% high-grade genuine leather. It is also a recognized global leader in producing luxurious leather sofas, armchairs, recliners, and other home furnishings.

In addition, Natuzzi’s leather lineup covers traditional and modern designs to suit your design preferences. You can also buy their products from their stores or authorized dealers worldwide.

What is Natuzzi leather made of?

Natuzzi leather is made from real animal hides, primarily European cows. The brand uses top-grain Italian leather to maintain integrity standards. Top-grain leather has a soft feel and is water-resistant—one of the best where comfort is concerned.

The hide is then tanned. Natuzzi treats them with chemicals during the tanning process, removing the hairs, dirt, and impurities to preserve and prepare the leather for production. From here, their skilled artist takes it up, working the hides into pieces of furniture.

How to clean Natuzzi leather

Italian luxury leather like Natuzzi is costly. You’ll want to protect your investment by keeping it clean. That said, Natuzzi leather is of two types, the Protecta (protected) and the natural, also known as the unprotected leather. Each type requires a different cleaning approach which I’ll discuss below.

Materials you need:

  • Vacuum cleaner or brush with soft bristles
  • Paper towel
  • Mild soap and water
  • Natuzzi leather care kit (optional)

Cleaning Natural Leather

  • Vacuum or brush away debris: You need a smooth surface for cleaning, and this step prevents scratches or blending of debris while cleaning. Attach the brush to the vacuum cleaner at a medium setting to do the Or make do with a soft-bristled brush gently and gather the dirt into the bin.
  • Remove water-soluble stains: Substances like tea, coffee, soda, milk, or sugary preserves fall in this category. Absorb the liquid first with a dry cloth. Then dampen a clean cloth with water (preferably distilled) and blot the stained area until the stain is gone. Remember to go gentle so there are no damages.
  • Clean oil stains: Oil stains on leather may take a different approach. Here, you’ll need mild, pH-neutral soap for cleaning. You can also purchase the Natuzzi leather care kit. It has a leather protector, sponge, cleaner, and ink remover.

Moisten the cloth with water, and add the neutral soap or cleaner. Rub the stained area with cloth, being careful not to saturate the leather. Afterward, remove any soap residue with a damp cloth and allow it to dry naturally, avoiding direct heat.

Cleaning Protecta Leather

  • Remove wet and oil stains: If a spill happens, clean it quickly. Press a paper towel on the stain to absorb the liquid. While at it, avoid rubbing the stain to prevent it from spreading on the leather.
  • Wet another cloth: After taking care of the excess liquid, dampen another clean cloth with a mixture of mild soap and water, wringing out the water to create a lather. Avoid harsh chemicals, bleach, or abrasive cleaners.
  • Wipe and dry the stain: Wipe the stained area with a damp cloth in a circular motion. Apply light pressure working your way through until the stain is invisible. Use a dry cloth to remove the remaining moisture, then allow the leather to air dry.
  • Contact customer care for assistance: If you still spot stubborn stains after vacuuming and cleaning with mild soap, I’ll advise you to check the brand for your Natuzzi leather repair.

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Is Natuzzi leather real leather?

Natuzzi leather is genuine Italian and comes in different colors and grades. Italian leather has a meticulous tanning process and fine craftsmanship, and Natuzzi seriously inspects it before releasing any product.

Also, the sofa is 100% top-grain leather, as the company doesn’t compromise standards, meaning you’re getting the best quality leather for luxury. When buying, do due diligence for authenticity and quality’s sake. Make sure you’re buying from Natuzzi directly or an authorized dealer.

What grade of leather does Natuzzi use?

Natuzzi leather is of grade 10 to 30 type of leather. Grade 10 has the best quality in craftsmanship, comfort, and luxury but is pricey.

Leather above 10 is slightly lower in quality but still gives you maximum comfort and high style at an affordable cost. Ultimately, your personal preference and budget determine your choice. You can check Natuzzi’s editions catalog for a breakdown of their products.

How long do Natuzzi sofas last?

Natuzzi sofa, considering the production process and leather quality, averages 10-15 years with regular use. But Natuzzi sofas can last even longer, although with the proper maintenance.

Factors like the upholstery type and the frequency of use can also affect the sofa’s lifespan. To keep yours looking solid for years, ensure you clean regularly, protect it from sun and heat, and treat stains promptly.

And if you have considerations about a sofa model, I recommend you consult the brand directly for information.

Final Words

Cleaning a Natuzzi leather is less demanding than portrayed. Still, you must follow the right approach to cleaning using materials suitable for your leather. It not only gives it a good look but also elongates its lifespan. The above-mentioned steps work for cleaning both natural and Protecta Natuzzi leather.

And if you’re looking to invest in your leather maintenance, getting the Natuzzi leather cleaner and conditioner is a good move. Also, remember that you can order a custom Natuzzi recliner sofa, armchair, sofa, or other room accessories.

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