Could you Survive by Eating Leather

Are leather goods edible? What is leather made of? How can one eat leather? Such questions are unending, as many persons are curious to know if the tales of eating leather are true. Well, animals are edible, and many folks feed on their parts, especially the skin. So, since leather comes from the skin of animals, can you eat leather?

Over the past decades, there have been several survivor stories of various individuals eating animal hides. Thus, one may start to think about the edibility of natural leather items like belts, wallets, shoes, and jackets.

The various types of leather undergo varying processing and come with different finishing, but that does not rule out the fact that they emerge from the hides of animals. In my experience, I figured out some truth behind the notion of eating leather, and so I compiled some helpful facts.

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What You Should Know About Eating Leather?

Can you eat leather jacket fish? Well, yes, they have flesh, a little delicate, but seem like the most delicious meal, especially when fried. But, ever imagined eating shoes made from leather? Well, in case you might be asking yourself, “why would someone ever think of eating leather,” kindly note that there are some tough situations that may occur where there is no food available.

Let’s say you only have your smooth leather skirt, rough-grained leather belt, and that fancy leather shoe. How would you survive? So, because leather comes crafted from the skin or hide of animals, can you eat them? Apart from you, is leather edible for dogs?

Natural leather is edible, and eating such leather items is fine, as they often contain about 35% protein and roughly 70% water. However, it would be best if you stay off from tanned leather, and you see; there are various leather products available in the markets that come tanned.

On the other hand, there are huge traces in history that reveals the edibility of leather. One notable occasion is the Jerusalem siege in 70 CE, where the Jewish defenders survived on various leather items. It turns out that the Spanish travelers did the same during their 1559 expedition of Tristan de Luna.

Again, the pre-historic men were fond of softening leather with their teeth before feasting on them in the scarcity of food. Nevertheless, I found out that in those times, leather was not subjected to chemical treatments but extracts from plants that seemed non-harmful.

So, can you eat leather belts in recent times? Well, it’s true, and the tanning process of leather has changed over time, but the sad part is the use of harsh chemicals in recent times. The only way one should eat leather in the world today and stay safe is only eating those that haven’t undergone any form of tanning.

But wait, let me tell you something, you can still find many untanned leather items in various areas of the world today, especially in Asia and Africa. If, however, you find yourself with tanned leather that falls under the categories below, you may still be safe.

Most of the items used in these forms of tannings are natural and quite safe but may not be nutritious like non-tanned leather. You should also take care with some colored leather items, as the dyes used in recent times often contain harsh chemicals and the products used to seal leather afterward are often not be edible. Cooking suitable leather products and feasting on them can keep you going for a long time.


Q: Can you survive eating leather?

Why allow yourself to go through a painful death, dying of hunger pangs when you could find a better alternative? Leather comes crafted from the skin of an animal, which makes them edible and highly nutritious. However, the only problem depends on the kind of treatment or tanning this leather item has and how it would affect you.

For leather that doesn’t come tanned, you can find them safe and good enough for you to eat and survive. But, tanned leather may hold some harsh chemicals that may pose a great risk to your health.

Q: Is leather edible?

For the question “is leather edible,” Reddit recounts the survivors of Donner Party survived for months by eating boiled Ox-hides. On boiling these hides, they turn into a jelly form, and in some cases, these folks eat the hide with their teeth to soften it.

Leather can be very nutritious, as they hold an outstanding amount of proteins and water. However, the chemical treatment of many leather items in recent times may leave them unsuitable for eating. Thus, it would be best to avoid tanned leather products, except those treated with natural and non-harmful products.

Q: Can you eat a shoe?

Yes, leather shoes are edible if it is not tanned and can keep you free from hunger for a while. Whether you see this as a funny part from the Charlie Chaplain comedy or not, it is quite true, and many persons survived on leather shoes and other items for a long while. They have great nutritional constituents as well, as they contain water and protein to keep you going till a better option becomes available.

Can you eat a belt?

One of the common questions folks ask is, “can you eat leather belts?” and this might perhaps be from the various stories and notions of individuals eating leather items. However, you can eat leather and not just a leather belt alone.

When it comes to eating leather, it is safest to eat those that haven’t undergone any form of tanning. But you can easily find some other tanned leather being edible. Thus, leather that has undergone oil tanning and mineral tanning, or a combination of any of the mentioned leather tanning, can still be edible. Vegetable-tanned leather and chrome-tanned leather are still better for survival’s sake.

What happens if you eat poop?

In a bid to survive and prove some stunts, some people made soups from leather items. However, there has been some news about some individuals eating poop. There is a lot that can happen to you if you eat your poop or that of others. This waste released from your system often contains various bacteria that can poison you and lead to some serious health issues.

Although these microbes may not be quite harmful while in the intestine, once released it would help if you don’t ingest them. Such a costly mistake can make you sick, and as such, it is advised for individuals to take care of handling feces, ensuring they don’t contaminate their food.

Final Words

Leather is a great material that many people have used in creating various products for age-long. They come crafted from the hides of various animals, and these hides often contain some level of nutrients. So, can you eat leather, and can you survive with this form of feeding? The great news is that leather contains water and protein that can nourish the body, pending the time you get an alternative food supply.

Also, you can cook leather or chew it to soften it and help you eat easier. However, there is a lot to consider when it comes to eating leather and one of such is the leather treatment, as the kind of treatment leather undergo in recent times makes them non-edible in many cases.

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